Diving in Coron

The history of scuba diving in Coron can be traced back in World War II when air strikes by United States Navy Task Force 38 on September 21, 1944 against Japanese Imperial Navy in Manila Bay forced the Japanese to transfer their remaining fleet to other areas they thought were safe, including Coron Bay. But the Japanese were wrong, because on the early morning of September 24, the Task Force 38 reached Coron Bay and heavily bombed the Japanese fleet bringing down at least nine…Continue Reading “Diving in Coron: Irako, Kogyu Maru and East Tangat Wreck”


After almost three years since our first dive trip in Malapascua, my dive buddy Ate Claudia and I were back to the island to try our luck, once more, to see the Thresher Sharks of Malapascua. The site known as Monad Shoal, southwest of the island, is well known for its regular sighting of the Threshers. Unfortunately, our attempt in 2010 yielded nothing so we promised to return and in one weekend of February this year, we fulfilled the promise, hopeful to have a glimpse…Continue Reading “Surreal Shark Diving in Malapascua”


For more than four years of being a scuba diver, I believe I have already visited the major dive sites of the Philippines except Subic and Bohol. I am not keen on visiting Subic anytime soon but Bohol had been on my bucket list ever since I started diving. But I find Bohol quite elusive after a couple of failed attempts to revisit the place and so my penchant to dive in its water grew and grew. And at long last, the dream to dive…Continue Reading “Bohol: Balicasag Dives Finally”

Diving in Balicasag Bohol Balicasag Island, Panglao, Bohol January 12, 2013 My first dive after almost five months of hiatus in scuba diving and also my first this year was in Balicasag Island, Panglao, Bohol. It was also my first time to dive in Bohol which had been quite elusive for me until this weekend. We descended twice in the water around Balicasag Island and I was in total awe with the amazing scenery underneath. I have heard and read a lot of great reviews…Continue Reading “Snapshot: Balicasag Dive Buddy”

Diving in Camiguin

With a different agenda, I returned to the Island Born of Fire, my third time overall and twice in just a span of one year. No I didn’t do the usual island tour, I am through with it twice. I went there to dive! Technically speaking, I have already dive in Camiguin before, specifically in the waters of Mantigue Island. Not the usual Camiguin but it still is. But I have heard a lot of positive reviews on the waters surrounding the main island of…Continue Reading “Diving in Camiguin”

Linamon Coral Transplantation Project Barangay Mago-ong and Samburon, Linamon, Lanao del Norte May 26, 2012 The 3.33 million coral reef restoration and enhancement through community-based coral transplantation is a project of Mindanao Rural Development Program, Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Management and the Local Government Unit of Linamon and Lanao del Norte. The project aims to rehabilitate the the six-hectare marine protected area off the coast of Barangay Mago-ong and Samburon in Iligan Bay. Camera Used: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2 with Ikelite Underwater Casing Settings: Underwater…Continue Reading “Snapshot: Linamon Coral Transplantation Project”