What will you do if you only have few hours in Iligan City? Let’s say… seven hours! Too short right? Well, I have serious reasons to believe that your answer is as good as mine – go “waterfalling”! That’s what I did early this year when I flew to Cagayan de Oro via Philippine Airlines for my first dive of the year in Mantangale. Unfortunately though, due to unpredictable weather in Northern Mindanao that weekend, our dives were cancelled. So I had to think of other…Continue Reading “Iligan Tourism Triangle Icons: Mimbalut, Tinago and Maria Cristina Falls”

There are total of twenty three waterfalls in Iligan City, making its moniker as “City of Majestic Waterfalls” very fitting. But among these waterfalls, one of the most prominent is Tinago Falls. The breathtaking Tinago Falls is situated in the boundary of Barangay Purakan of the town of Linamon and Barangay Ditucalan of Iligan City. It is also called as Linamon Falls, but geographically speaking, it is in the vicinity of Iligan and is widely regarded as the most beautiful of all the waterfalls in the city. Its name is derived from…Continue Reading “Iligan City: Tinago Falls”

Linamon, Lanao del Norte

It feels great to be a part of something that you love, something that you believe in and something that will have a long term positive effect to our environment and to the community. I am glad that an opportunity to be part of that something knocked on my door. On the last weekend of May, I had the honor and rare chance to dive in Iligan Bay and help in the coral transplantation project in the waters off the coast of Linamon, Lanao del…Continue Reading “Diving With a Purpose: Coral Transplanation Project in Linamon, Lanao del Norte”

Linamon Coral Transplantation Project Barangay Mago-ong and Samburon, Linamon, Lanao del Norte May 26, 2012 The 3.33 million coral reef restoration and enhancement through community-based coral transplantation is a project of Mindanao Rural Development Program, Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Management and the Local Government Unit of Linamon and Lanao del Norte. The project aims to rehabilitate the the six-hectare marine protected area off the coast of Barangay Mago-ong and Samburon in Iligan Bay. Camera Used: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2 with Ikelite Underwater Casing Settings: Underwater…Continue Reading “Snapshot: Linamon Coral Transplantation Project”

Iligan City, the capital of Lanao del Norte, dubbed as the City of Majestic Waterfalls, is home to 23 waterfalls scattered in its lush green forest area. Two of which, the popular Tinago and Maria Cristina Falls were my latest day trip destinations courtesy of Wandering Juan Travel Blog Awards 2010.

Iligan City
Tinago Falls

Manila to Iligan via Ozamiz

Sandwiched by the airports of Cagayan de Oro and Ozamiz, I chose the latter as entry point to Iligan City. The plane touched down in Ozamiz Airport at eight in the morning, it was my first time in the province.

I went out of the airport building to the tricycle terminal and rode in one of the trikes, charging a fixed P60 per passenger fee to the city. I asked the driver to get me to the bus terminal and in around ten minutes, the trike stopped in the bus terminal and I got into a half full Rural Bus en route to Cagayan.

The Ro-Ro ferry to Kambolagan at Ozamiz Port

The bus left the terminal at 9AM and drove to the nearby port of Ozamiz. All passengers alighted the bus and queued to pay for ferry fare of P25 plus terminal fee of P3 and waited for the Ro-Ro ferry that arrived in a little while. I boarded the ferry along with other passengers and vehicles going to Lanao del Norte, our bus was there too.

The ferry route from Ozamiz Port to Mukas Port in Kambolagan is the shortest and fastest way to get to Lanao del Norte from Misamis Occidental. Travel time takes only 30 minutes.

Before the boat docked to the port of Mukas, some passengers already stood up and went down to where their vehicles were in the barge. I noticed everyone seemed standing and moving so I followed and went to the bus. To my surprise, the half full bus I boarded was already full. I glanced at my seat and an old woman a a small girl already occupied it. I went on the aisle beside them and just stood up while the bust started to move. So I spent the one hour bus ride from Mukas to Iligan City standing, occasionally sitting down the side handle of my previous seat. I paid P70 for the ride.

Iligan City
The first few steps to Tinago Falls

After an hour, the bus reached Barangay Buru-un, the first barangay of Iligan City from the town of Linamon. I know for a fact that this is where Tinago Falls is, but I hesitated to signal stop because I didn’t know exactly where to alight, not to mention I was already starving so I decided to get off at the terminal in Camague, five kilometers away, and look for any fast food store to have my breakfast.

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