Diving in Camiguin

With a different agenda, I returned to the Island Born of Fire, my third time overall and twice in just a span of one year. No I didn’t do the usual island tour, I am through with it twice. I went there to dive! Technically speaking, I have already dive in Camiguin before, specifically in the waters of Mantigue Island. Not the usual Camiguin but it still is. But I have heard a lot of positive reviews on the waters surrounding the main island of…Continue Reading “Diving in Camiguin”

The Old Cemetery of Bonbon in Camiguin sank when Mt. Vulcan Daan erupted in 1870’s. Now known as Sunken Cemetery, a concrete cross marker was erected in early 1980’s to commemorate the site of the old cemetery and in memory of the thousands of lives lost during that cataclysmic eruption. For P20 per person, one can cross the water from the mainland Camiguin and reach the cross marker. But getting on top of it is a challenge and a risk, a very big risk. The…Continue Reading “Snapshot: Cross Marker of Camiguin’s Sunken Cemetery”