El Nido

North of the mainland Palawan is El Nido, a paradise considered by many as one of their dream destinations. With 45 islands and islets that harbor some of the country’s best white sand beaches, hidden lagoons, picturesque cliffs and rich marine life underneath its Earth, El Nido is indeed a piece of paradise. The town is a managed and resource protected area of Palawan, 238 kilometers from Puerto Princesa. Contrary to common notion that El Nido is an expensive destination, the place is in fact,…Continue Reading “El Nido Travel Guide 2018: How to Get There, Where to Stay, Sample Itinerary & Other Tips!”


In 1991, a dormant volcano north of Manila discharged millions of tons of sulfur dioxide in the air when it was awaken after more than 600 years of nap, on what is considered as the largest and most catastrophic volcanic eruption in the recent years. Ashes covered the entire Luzon landmass and even reached Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and other neighboring Asian countries. Close to a thousand perished, more than a hundred thousand lost their homes, and billion worth of crops were damaged. The eruption also…Continue Reading “Mt. Pinatubo Travel Guide 2018: How to Get There, Where to Stay, Activities, Sample Itinerary & More”


Mention Baler and the first thing that will popup in everyone’s mind is surfing. And this without a doubt is true because Sabang Beach is a real surfer’s paradise. But more than surfing, the town is increasingly becoming popular not only to surfing enthusiasts, primarily because of its natural beauty, historical significance and other attractions. The capital of the province of Aurora, Baler is situated on the east coast of Luzon, fronting the roaring waves of Pacific Ocean and enclosed by the mountains of Sierra…Continue Reading “Baler Travel Guide 2018: How to Get There, Where to Stay, Activities & More”


Cagbalete Island is one of the jewels of Quezon Province. Located off the coast of the town of Mauban, it is another island paradise in the province surrounded with cream sand that exposes significantly during low tide. The 1,640-hectare privately owned island is home to a diverse ecosystem. With unique variety of birds, rich marine life, and the abundance of unique species of plants, the island is a complete paradise for adventurers and nature lovers. Similar to Jomalig Island in Northern Quezon, a part of…Continue Reading “Cagbalete Island: Travel Guide, How to Get There, Where to Stay, Activities & More!”


Jomalig Island is an unspoiled paradise on the easternmost part of Polilio Group. An island municipality of Quezon Province, the town’s name is pronounced as “humalig“.┬áThe locals, “Jomaligins”, are among the kindest persons I have met and they are the pride of the island more than its striking scenery. The town is surrounded with golden sand and rich turquoise water, where most locals get their livelihood. Their premier beach is situated in Salibungot (Sitio Burungawan), a long coastline of golden sand uniquely dotted with agoho…Continue Reading “Jomalig Island Travel Guide 2018: How to Get There, Where to Stay, Activities & More!”


Balabac is a secluded and raw paradise in the farthermost and south-westernmost tip of the province of Palawan. Where virgin island beaches and perfectly turquoise water are┬ánormal scenery, the chorus of rare birds and animals is the typical music! Situated in the rich water of Sulu Sea, Balabac is a group of 31 islands and islets blessed with unspoiled fine sandy beaches, endemic flora and fauna and rich marine life. It is the last of the last frontier, set in the congruity of the Molbog…Continue Reading “Balabac: Travel Guide, How to Get There, How to Explore, Sample Itineraries and Other Tips”