Recently, Viacom International Media Networks, the global media company that owns Nickelodeon, announced its plan to build a marine theme park in Coron, Palawan. A plan that seems to be supported by Philippine Department of Tourism. As if the natural wonders of the place is not enough to entice tourists. But truth be told, with or without a manmade underwater theme park, Coron is Coron! It is a place of vivid and unparalleled beauty… of panoramic seascape and landscape! And it doesn’t need Nickelodeon to highlight its…Continue Reading “Ten Reasons to Visit Coron”

El Nido

In the recent years, El Nido has quickly transformed from being a laid back tropical paradise into a bustling tourist destination. Words came out and quickly spread like a bushfire, then tourists flocked and businesses sprung. And the tropical paradise had a major facelift far from what it used to be. Admittedly, gone is El Nido’s offbeat vibe. While all these development fueled the local economy and provided opportunities specially for the locals, here’s hoping that all these tourism activities are all for a responsible…Continue Reading “Ten Must Visit Attractions in El Nido”

Lingayen Beach

As one of the biggest provinces in Luzon, the multitude of attractions of Pangasinan come not as a surprise. Its 285 kilometer coastline is home to some of the country’s beautiful beaches, its water to more than hundred of picturesque islands, its mountains to some of the countries majestic waterfalls. Just four hours away from Manila via SLEX, SCTEX and TPLEX, Pangasinan is just within reach. A perfect escape from the heat of Metropolis! So if you are thinking where to venture out of Manila, consider…Continue Reading “Ten Spots to Visit in Pangasinan”


The glorious golden days of the Philippine premier city may have been long gone but its charm remains and immortalized on its nooks and crannies, halls and walls, and on the remnants of what used to be the heydays of the “Pearl of the Orient”. There’s beauty in this often overlooked city of the country if you just look closely and meticulously. Classic and timeless beauty that is Instagram worthy. Let’s start with these ten spots that will surely reap likes and praises. Trust me,…Continue Reading “Manila’s 10 Most Instagrammable Spots”

Nested at the foot of Sierra Madre is the town of Siniloan, the north-easternmost town of the province of Laguna. It is home to numerous waterfalls that lie along its different river systems, thus it is only befitting to be called “The Waterfalls Sanctuary of Eastern Laguna.” Siniloan is known to have at least thirteen waterfalls and perhaps more that are yet to be exposed to public attention. The most popular ones are tucked in the slope of Mount Romelo, the southwest border of Sierra Madre…Continue Reading “The Waterfalls of Mount Romelo: Buruwisan, Batya-Batya, Binaytuan and More”

In the past, a mere mention of waterfalls in Cebu equates to Kawasan, the most famous falls of the province located in Badian, some three-hour land travel from Cebu City. With its majestic cascades and beautiful turquoise water, Kawasan Falls without a doubt, is worthy of admiration… a sight to behold! But more than Kawasan Falls, we could count the other waterfalls with our fingers. There’s Mantayupan Falls of Barili and Tumalog Falls of Oslob, then we would buckle and think if there’s more. Admittedly,…Continue Reading “Offbeat Cebu: Ten Amazing Waterfalls of the South”