Mount Masaraga

Tucked in the boundary of the cities of Ligao and Tabaco in Albay is Mount Masaraga, one of the three volcanic mountains of the so called “Magayon Trio” (with Mount Malinao and Mount Mayon). At 1,328 meters above sea level, it is the smallest of the three yet it offers a challenging feat with around 1,100 meters of pure assault from its trailhead at Barangay Amtic, Ligao City. The trek to the summit takes at least three hours on a steep trail infested with blood…Continue Reading “Mount Masaraga: A Magayon Sunrise Trek”

Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain

I had a chance to visit Peru last year, particularly Cusco, the old capital of Inca Empire and home to the iconic Machu Picchu. But aside from the archaeological remains of this ancient empire, one would ask – what’s there to see in Cusco? Surprise, surprise! There’s actually a lot! Cusco is actually a city, a province and a region. Cusco City is the capital of Cusco Province that belongs to Cusco Region. So when I mention Cusco, it is generally about the region as…Continue Reading “Trekking Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain of Peru (How to Trek, What to Pack and More!)”

Annapurna Base Camp

For someone who lives in a tropical country, who doesn’t have fascination with snow and winter? I, for one, have this intense dream of seeing, feeling and experiencing winter and snow-capped mountains… the Himalayan mountains most specially. I dreamed that one day, I will be able to set foot even only in the base camps of Annapurna and Everest. So I first ventured in Nepal in 2012 where I spent most of my time in Kathmandu Valley, particularly in the village of Nagarkot, to get a…Continue Reading “Self Guided Trek to Annapurna Base Camp: Six Days, Five Nights, One Dream”

Poon Hill

I can still remember the day… that one awesome day in Pokhara. The sky was clear then and the wind was subtle. It was the start of winter, cold but sunny. That day, I was about to start my three-day trek to the mountains of Annapurna. My destination – Poon Hill! I woke up early that day in a hope to catch the sunrise from Lake Fewa or the Lakeside if any, but there wasn’t. A daybreak in the Lakeside was a quiet time of…Continue Reading “Himalayan Adventure: My Three Days Trek to Poon Hill”

Mt. Banoi

In the mountaineering community of Mega Manila and Southern Tagalog, the province of Batangas is known for its friendly mountain trails and summits. Minor mountains with not so technical trails but offer uniquely striking views. Who wouldn’t know Mt. Talamitam and Mt. Batulao of Nasugbu, Mt. Maculot of Cuenca or Mt. Gulugod Baboy of Mabini? But these are not all that Batangas has, there are more dwarf mountains in the province including the not so popular Mt. Banoi in the town of Lobo. Situated in…Continue Reading “Trail Tale: Day Climb to Mt. Banoi (960+ MASL) and Sidetrip to Malabrigo Lighthouse”