Recently, Viacom International Media Networks, the global media company that owns Nickelodeon, announced its plan to build a marine theme park in Coron, Palawan. A plan that seems to be supported by Philippine Department of Tourism. As if the natural wonders of the place is not enough to entice tourists. But truth be told, with or without a manmade underwater theme park, Coron is Coron! It is a place of vivid and unparalleled beauty… of panoramic seascape and landscape! And it doesn’t need Nickelodeon to highlight its…Continue Reading “Ten Reasons Why Coron Doesn’t Need Nickelodeon”

The Philippines, being an archipelagic country surrounded by various bodies of water, is home to a diverse and vivid underwater word. In fact, our entire country lies in Coral Triangle, the global center of marine biodiversity. With the Philippines on its core, we are on the center of world’s marine biodiversity.


It is already half of the first month of the new year and only few weeks before summer but how’s your bucket list for this year going so far? Are you done contemplating which places to see and cross in your travel wishlist? What beach to visit? What waterfalls to trek? Where to have some pinch of adventure? Where to go on a road trip? What new experience to try? Or simply, where to this year?! With plenty of amazing destinations in the Philippines, I…Continue Reading “14 Places to Visit in the Philippines in 2014”


The year 2013 was a banner year for Instagram as the three-year old online photo and video sharing social networking site saw a dramatic increase on its user base and usage. In fact, as of September 2013, the company has a total of more than 150 million monthly active users worldwide. While the netizens went gaga over Instagram, Lakwatsero also jumped into bandwagon as I uploaded more photos of my travels and adventures last year. A total of 253 photos, all taken using iPhone, were…Continue Reading “13 Instagram Trends of 2013”


  As the sun sets, the Earth shows the varying gradients of Coron’s scenic landscape. Scattered over the tranquil Coron Bay, these islands and islets form the beautiful town of Coron in the Calamianes Group of Northern Palawan. The town is a cluster of more than 50 islands and islets that harbor some of the best fine white sand beaches, lagoons, caves and lakes, and home to the indigenous Tagbanua tribe. Overlooking Coron Bay with its amazing scene at twilight, this snapshot is taken at…Continue Reading “Snapshot: Coron Contour”