Diving in Coron

The history of scuba diving in Coron can be traced back in World War II when air strikes by United States Navy Task Force 38 on September 21, 1944 against Japanese Imperial Navy in Manila Bay forced the Japanese to transfer their remaining fleet to other areas they thought were safe, including Coron Bay. But the Japanese were wrong, because on the early morning of September 24, the Task Force 38 reached Coron Bay and heavily bombed the Japanese fleet bringing down at least nine…Continue Reading “Diving in Coron: Irako, Kogyu Maru and East Tangat Wreck”

Diving Coron

Coron, an enchanting place dotted with limestone cliffs, amazing inland lakes, caves, lagoons and beautiful white sandy island beaches, is also blessed with superb scene underneath with its vibrant and diverse marine life and of course the important pieces of history that remind us of our past. The enclosed coves and waters in between the islands of Calamianes Group is home to the Philippines’ biggest collection of ship wrecks that succumbed during World War II. Eleven known Japanese ship wrecks, collectively known as Coron Monsters,…Continue Reading “Diving the Monsters of Coron”

It was raining hard for two days prior to our scheduled dives and on the day of our trip, the sky continued to pour its seemingly endless tears. Batanes is not really for us this year. The unfavorable circumstances were enough reasons to give up our dream of visiting the land of beautiful lighthouses and rolling hills. There are reasons for everything and there maybe deeper reasons more than the weather, we thought. Strong rain and winds persisted as we arrived in the port of…Continue Reading “Amazing Dives at Sabang, Puerto Galera”