I had a chance to dive in Apo Reef when we returned there last February. It was a memorable one not because it is one of my favorite places to dive but because it marked another milestone in my scuba diving career – my 100th dive! Being a scuba diver for two-and-a-half years opened a door for me to a new dimension. It made me appreciate, understand and love the underwater world more than ever. It changed my life to become more responsible individual, protective…Continue Reading “Journey to the Depths of Philippine Underwater World: 100 Dives Milestone”

Davao City, the Premier City of the South, the City in Bloom and the Royal City, is the largest city in the Philippines and South East Asia in terms of land area. It is one of my favorite cities in Mindanao aside from Cagayan de Oro. This highly urbanized city is dubbed as melting pot of diverse cultures, a safe haven in Mindanao for those who want to experience modern city life and commune with nature‚Äôs offerings. To help you plan your Davao trip, here…Continue Reading “Things to do in Davao”

Alma Jane

The first time I saw her, alone and merely a silhouette from afar, my heart anxiously beat fast. The urge of seeing her up-close, touching and feeling her grew stronger. Excited as a child, I hurried up until she was real and in front of me. In an instant, I fell in love. She is Alma Jane, lying eternally in the cold water of Sabang, Puerto Galera, dressed in corals and adorned with variety of vivid marine life. Her story is different from others, she…Continue Reading “I Fell in Love with Alma Jane”