Pulangbato Falls

At the foot of Cuernos del Negros or Mount Talinis is the town of Valencia in Negros Oriental, home to numerous waterfalls including Pulangbato Falls, otherwise known as Malabo Falls. With its proximity and accessibility from Dumaguete City, it is fast becoming a tourism hot spot. Pulangbato Falls is one of the so called Twin Falls of Barangay Malabo. As the name suggests, Twin Falls is made up of two cascades coming from two different sources. One is a clear and narrow drop while the…Continue Reading “Pulangbato Falls (Malabo Falls): The Red Waterfalls of Valencia”

Mag-aso Falls

Mag-aso Falls of Antequera is one of more than 20 waterfalls that dot the island province of Bohol and perhaps the most accessible from the provincial capital of Tagbilaran City. Tucked in the forested area of Barangay Can-omay, Mag-aso Falls is a one level cascade with a height of approximately eight meter. The waters cascade through a layered wall dotted with small pods into a deep natural catch basin ideal for a swim. The pool reflects a beautiful turquoise color during dry and sunny days due…Continue Reading “Mag-aso Falls: The Charm of Antequera, Bohol”

Mines View Park

You have never been to Baguio if you have not visited the Mines View Park. Cliche as it may sound but it is how iconic and timeless the place is. Approximately four kilometers away from the downtown, Mines View Park is a landscaped park located in the northern outskirts of Baguio City, overlooking the towns of Itogon, Bokod and Kabayan, all in the province of Benguet. The park’s main attraction is an observation deck that offers an imposing view of Cordillera mountain range including the…Continue Reading “Mines View Park: Baguio City’s Best View of Sunrise”


Nagtabon Beach was quietly sitting away from the general public’s radar for quite some time until social media triggered its rise to fame recently. It used to be a secret getaway of those who want to enjoy the sand, sea and sand sans the crowd, well it still is most of the time but is starting to get the attention of the public. Some 31 kilometers away from downtown Puerto Princesa, Nagtabon Beach is a mile long cove facing West Philippine Sea. It could be…Continue Reading “Nagtabon Beach: The Puerto Princesa Not Everyone Knows”


Nagpatong Rock is getting  a lot of exposure recently, have you been to this latest hot spot in Rizal Province? Apparently, Rizal has quickly evolved into a mountaineer’s playground with the opening of new spots, trails and peaks for mountain lovers and outdoor junkies. One that has gained a lot of attention and even featured in a film is Nagpatong Rocks at the foot of Mount Masungki in Barangay Cuyambao, Tanay Rizal. Nagpatong Rock consists of two towering limestone cliffs facing each other. These towers…Continue Reading “Nagpatong Rock: Tanay’s Impressive Platform”

The Chocolate Hills has become synonymous to the island province of Bohol and this comes not as a surprise since this iconic land formation is unique to the island. Approximately 1,776 conical karst hills scattered over 50 square kilometers of land area covering the towns of Bilar, Valencia, Sierra Bullones, Batuan, Sagbayan and Carmen made up the Chocolate Hills. These hills were formed by the uplift of coral deposits and the action of rain water and erosion millions of years ago. They change color depending…Continue Reading “Chocolate Hills: Sunrising in Carmen’s Best”