Scuba Diving in Siquijor

The province of Siquijor will not immediately come to mind when someone talks about scuba diving in the Philippines. Truth be told, the island is known not for its dive spots but more for its white sandy beaches, century old churches and beautiful waterfalls. Suffice to say, what lies beneath adds to the island’s mystique. But the geographic location and topographic features of Siquijor hold a promise. With its proximity to known dive spots such as Apo Island, Sumilon and Panglao, there is a high…Continue Reading “Scuba Diving in Siquijor: The Underwater Treasures of Larena”

Salar de Uyuni

I had a first glimpse of the Andes last year when I went to Peru on my own, particularly in the Province of Cusco, to visit the iconic Machu Picchu and to trek Vinicunca, the famed Rainbow Mountain of Peru. On that short stint, I instantly fell in love with South America so I promised to return… to experience and explore more beyond Cusco. Promises are meant to be fulfilled so I went back just recently amid all the humps and bumps that almost made…Continue Reading “Exploring the Cold South American Andes”

Mount Masaraga

Tucked in the boundary of the cities of Ligao and Tabaco in Albay is Mount Masaraga, one of the three volcanic mountains of the so called “Magayon Trio” (with Mount Malinao and Mount Mayon). At 1,328 meters above sea level, it is the smallest of the three yet it offers a challenging feat with around 1,100 meters of pure assault from its trailhead at Barangay Amtic, Ligao City. The trek to the summit takes at least three hours on a steep trail infested with blood…Continue Reading “Mount Masaraga: A Magayon Sunrise Trek”

Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain

I had a chance to visit Peru last year, particularly Cusco, the old capital of Inca Empire and home to the iconic Machu Picchu. But aside from the archaeological remains of this ancient empire, one would ask – what’s there to see in Cusco? Surprise, surprise! There’s actually a lot! Cusco is actually a city, a province and a region. Cusco City is the capital of Cusco Province that belongs to Cusco Region. So when I mention Cusco, it is generally about the region as…Continue Reading “Trekking Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain of Peru (How to Trek, What to Pack and More!)”

SMS Cormoran

Guam and the Philippines share a lot of features. From language, culture, history, climate, religion, traditions, food and even underwater. Yes! Even under underwater! This comes without a doubt as Guam and the Philippines sit in the warm tropical waters of the Pacific. But if there’s one underwater feature that significantly differs the former from the latter, it definitely would be the ship wrecks of SMS Cormoran II and Tokai Maru that both lie in the seabed of Apra Harbor. You’ll probably wonder – but…Continue Reading “Scuba Diving in Guam: Two Sides of History at SMS Cormoran and Tokai Maru”

Fuwa-as Falls

In between Bontoc and Tinglayan is Sadanga, a quaint town of Mountain Province overshadowed by its more popular neighbors including Sagada, Bontoc and Tinglayan. Unknown to many, it is home to some of the most beautiful rice terraces in the province. The rice terraces of Betwagan and Anabel that can be seen along the highway linking Bontoc and Tinglayan are just samplers. More than the verdant rice terraces, Sadanga offers more surprises to curious souls – wondrous caves and river systems, beautiful lakes, refreshing hot…Continue Reading “Tales From Sadanga: The Trek to Fowa-as Falls”