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Budget Hotel

8 Benefits of Staying at a Budget Hotel

Let’s face it: to some, the term “budget hotels” sounds unenticing, and it’s mostly the reason why they get a bad rep. When thinking about cheap accommodations, what comes to mind are unkempt sheets, disappointing…


Palwa Ride and More Adventures at Santabucks Eco-Adventure Park

Have you heard of Palwa Ride? Palwa Ride makes use of “palwa” also known as "palapa" or the petioles of coconut leaves as sled and tracks. It is one of the attractions of Santabucks Eco-Adventure…

5 Reasons to Put the Visayas on Your Travel Bucket List

Though the Visayas is a relatively small area when set against its more imposing neighbors, Luzon and Mindanao, the region still has much to offer both local and international tourists. Given its abundance of beaches,…

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Shifen Waterfall: Taiwan’s Most Beautiful Cascade
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