Apo Reef Sablayan, Mindoro Occidental [nggallery id=33 template=galleryview images=0] Prepare for summer and make sure to bask in the tropical sun, sea and sand of Asia’s largest atoll-like reef – Apo Reef National Marine Park. The 34-square kilometer marine park is located in the vast Mindoro Strait, off the coast of Occidental Mindoro, a marine protected area that serves as habitat of more than 350 marine species such as sharks, sea hawks, manta rays, stingrays and other tropical fishes and invertebrates. There are three islands…Continue Reading “Slideshow: Romancing the Memories of Apo Reef”


Standing on the dry land of Cabra Island in Lubang, Occidental Mindoro, is one of the oldest lighthouses in the Philippines – Faro de Isla Cabra or Cabra Island Lighthouse. Cabra Island Lighthouse was the first of the five first-order lighthouse built by the Spaniards. Construction started in May 1885 but it was only first lit in March 1889. It used to be a vital installation as it was intended to guide ships entering the Philippines from South China Sea towards Manila Bay or Verde…Continue Reading “Farola Series: Faro de Isla de Cabra (Cabra Island Lighthouse)”


Lubang is a group of islands located southwest of Manila and northwest of mainland Mindoro. Composed of seven islands and two municipalities under the jurisdiction of the province of Occidental Mindoro, Lubang lies on the western end of Verde Island Passage, dubbed as the center of the center of the world’s marine biodiversity. Despite its proximity to Metropolis, Lubang Island is generally verdant, unspoiled and unexplored. It is too near yet too far, as they say. Information on the net are either lacking and outdated,…Continue Reading “Travel Guide: Lubang Island”

February this year was my fourth consecutive years in the town of Sablayan, and supposed to be in Apo Reef too. As if all first timers, our group couldn’t hide the excitement. We could almost see the white sandy island, its the lighthouse and the stunning sunset as well as the sea turtles, sharks, humpheads, schools of fishes and colorful corals that thrive on its water. But our excitement was spoiled out by the unfavorable sea and wind conditions that made the two-hour boat ride…Continue Reading “Detour to Mainland Sablayan”

Cabra Lighthouse

The Quest for Lonely Sentinel of Cabra Cabra Island, Lubang, Occidental Mindoro April 8, 2013 It was a long and strenuous trip from Manila to Lubang, a small town in the far end of Verde Island Passage. The town, politically under the jurisdiction of the province of Occidental Mindoro, is too near yet too far, they say. It was true. Much of the town is still undeveloped and rural, quaint and laid back. It was in my bucket list anyway, for there is something in…Continue Reading “Snapshot: The Lonely Sentinel of Cabra Island”

Sablayan Mindoro Occidental [nggallery id=25 template=galleryview images=0] On my supposed fourth visit to Apo Reef, the unfavorable sea condition made the trip impossible. But it turned to be a blessing in disguise for I have explored and rediscovered the town of Sablayan in Occidental Mindoro, a place I always overlook. Needless to say, Sablayan is more than just Apo Reef. The nearby islands of Pandan Grande and Pandan Pequeño, the beautiful sunset, the old church, the mountains and its endemic inhabitants and other inland attractions…Continue Reading “Slideshow: Truly Amazing Sablayan”