The Philippines, being an archipelagic country surrounded by various bodies of water, is home to a diverse and vivid underwater word. In fact, our entire country lies in Coral Triangle, the global center of marine biodiversity. With the Philippines on its core, we are on the center of world’s marine biodiversity.

Malasimbo Lights and Dance Festival Mount Malasimbo, Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental All roads lead to Puerto Galera this weekend for Malasimbo! But not the Music and Arts Festival which was staged last weekend on its fifth year but for a new concept – the Malasimbo Lights and Dance Festival! The fresh and new variation of the festival will be staged for the very first time this year and targets the younger generations or the millenials with immersive feast of state-of-the-art light shows enhanced with contemporary and traditional…Continue Reading “Snapshot: A Whole New Malasimbo Festival”

Boquete Island Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro White Beach is Puerto Galera. Puerto Galera is White Beach. If you’re thinking the same, I guess you really haven’t seen the real Puerto Galera yet. So what’s in this town aside from the White Beach? Hmmm, that’s the million dollar question! Truth is, there’s more in this town than the White Beach or the dive sites of Sabang. There’s more that are yet to see and experience. Waterfalls, caves, indigenous villages, mountains and forest areas, and other unspoiled…Continue Reading “Snapshot: Boquete Island of Puerto Galera”

Puerto Galera

When was the last time I have been here? This was the question I had in mind during my visit in Puerto Galera for Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2014. The truth is, I have been here thrice already in the past prior to this trip. With the last one just recently, when I dive in Sabang in March 2013. Three previous visits but why did it seem to me that I was new to the place? Well I guess I haven’t really seen Puerto…Continue Reading “Rediscovering Puerto Galera”

Puerto Galera Mindoro Oriental [nggallery id=42 template=galleryview images=0] Just three and a half hours away from the Philippine capital is the coastal town of Puerto Galera, a popular tourist destination for its amazing scuba diving sites and patches of white sand beaches. Situated in the north-westernmost tip of Oriental Mindoro, Puerto Galera’s coast is facing Verde Island Passage, dubbed as the “center of the center of world’s marine shore biodiversity” which explains its rich and vivid underwater world. But beyond the dive sites and the beaches, Puerto…Continue Reading “Slideshow: Hola Puerto Galera!”


I have been receiving a lot of inquiries over SMS, email, twitter, facebook, through my blog and even personally about places to go near Metro Manila that are ideal for a quick getaways so I thought of publishing my compilations of my usual answers. For those planning a quickie weekend or a day trip getaway but do not have the luxury of time and enough budget to go some place far away from Metropolis, here’s a list of places to consider. Tagaytay (Cavite) Points of…Continue Reading “Quick Getaways Near Manila”