Romblon is a cluster of 20 islands and islets, and of 17 municipalities and 17 dialects. Its capital town, also named Romblon in the island of the same name is the heart of the province, geographically and politically, and also dubbed as the Philippines’ Marble Capital. This island capital is situated in between the bigger islands of Sibuyan and Tablas. Sibuyan Island is known for its white sand beaches and for Mt. Guiting-Guiting, a favorite trek for mountaineers. While Tablas Island also harbors great beaches apart…Continue Reading “Romblon Island: Travel Guide, How to Get There, Where to Stay, What to Do & Other Tips”


Tanay, Rizal is just a stone throw away from the Metropolis and yet it seems to be always overlooked by tourists. Unbeknownst to many, the town boasts of numerous attractions that will surely delight outdoor junkies, most specially nature lovers and adventurous ones. For a place that is only an hour away from Metro Manila, particularly from Mandaluyong, Pasig, Quezon City or Marikina, Tanay offers a new and different dimension away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Situated at the southern tip of…Continue Reading “Tanay: Travel Guide, How to Get There, Where to Stay, Activities & More”

Scuba Diving in Siquijor

The province of Siquijor will not immediately come to mind when someone talks about scuba diving in the Philippines. Truth be told, the island is known not for its dive spots but more for its white sandy beaches, century old churches and beautiful waterfalls. Suffice to say, what lies beneath adds to the island’s mystique. But the geographic location and topographic features of Siquijor hold a promise. With its proximity to known dive spots such as Apo Island, Sumilon and Panglao, there is a high…Continue Reading “Scuba Diving in Siquijor: The Underwater Treasures of Larena”


Culion is a municipality in Calamianes Group of Islands, a quiet town with a history of continuous struggle. From being a former leper colony, Culion holds the promise of a brighter tomorrow with its rich past and breathtaking natural wonders. Today, Culion is slowly embracing tourism. Unknown to many, aside from the remnants of its history, this town boasts of its natural attractions and great adventures – from diving and snorkeling to trekking and rock/cliff climbing. Tourists who visit the island town will be treated…Continue Reading “Culion: Travel Guide, How to Get There, Where to Stay, Activities & More”

Kuang Si Falls

Endowed with rich culture and truly natural wonders, Laos is one of South East Asia’s best kept secrets. Dubbed as crossroads of Asia, it shares borders with Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and China, making it one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the region, a melting pot of diverse races, culture, religion and tradition. Through the years, Laos portrayed itself as a low key and offbeat destination. But tourism is slowly changing the way of life of this landlocked country and those who have…Continue Reading “Laos on a Budget: Getting There on a Budget”


Blessed with rich history and culture, unexploited islands and islets decorated with white sand beaches, and built by waves and strong winds, is Cuyo. It is a group of island in Sulu Sea under the jurisdiction of the Province of Palawan. Cuyo is a small community that punches above its weight and carried great importance specially during Spanish colonization of the Philippines. Being the oldest town in Palawan, it served as the province’s second capital from 1873 to 1903, influencing the culture, language and tradition…Continue Reading “Cuyo Island: Travel Guide, How to Get There, Activities & More”