Bagan! Oh Bagan!


Bagan! Oh Bagan!

Just a thought of you tickles my senses. There’s something about you that beckons my soul. Is it your old-world charm? Perhaps your ancient feels? Or maybe your lovely people and beautiful culture?

Aaahh! So much reasons to fall in love with you!

I remember every single day I spent there. Where every morning is a race against the sun, finding a spot out of your thousand pagodas to catch the sunrise. Those were my best sunrise still.

I remember learning to drive an e-bike on my first try. A must! I enjoyed it a lot that one day I forgot to recharge it at midday so I ended up with empty batt going back.

I remember meeting new friends in one of your temples, I joined them for dinner and spent a sunrise with them. We may not be in constant contact but friends are friends, I get to talk to them once in a while. 🙂

Bagan! So many lovely memories worth cherishing and reminiscing.

Oh Bagan!