• Batanes

    Ultimate Travel Guide: Batanes

    Wednesday, March 9, 2016

    I guess no other place in the Philippines exudes much mystery and curiosity than Batanes, the group of volcanic island in the northern border of the archipelago. Apparently, every image of the place radiates unparalleled beauty, no wonder that it is in every local traveler’s…

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  • Anda

    Travel Guide: Anda (Bohol)

    Thursday, February 11, 2016

    So you have been to the province of Bohol, you have basked in the white sand beaches and dived the vivid underwater world of Panglao and Cabilao, awed with the panoramic beauty of the Chocolate Hills, visited the centuries-old churches, feasted on the sumptuous foods…

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  • Tinalisayan Sandbar

    Travel Guide: San Pascual (Burias Island)

    Wednesday, September 30, 2015

    For an archipelagic country made up of more than seven thousand landmass, a scenery of islands and islets scattered on azure water seems typical and ordinary. But those who truly love the sun, sea and sand know by heart that each island or islet or…

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  • Biri Island

    Travel Guide: Biri Island

    Friday, July 10, 2015

    If there is one place that best represents Northern Samar to the tourism map, it is most probably the island municipality of Biri. Biri is a typical laid back Philippine island, rural and quaint. Home to not more than 12,000 inhabitants, its coast is rugged…

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  • Tanay

    Travel Guide: Tanay

    Wednesday, June 3, 2015

    The province of Rizal is just a stone throw away from the Metropolis and yet it seems to be always overlooked by tourists. Unbeknownst to many, the province boasts of numerous attractions that will surely delight outdoor persons, most specially nature lovers and adventurous ones….

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  • Tinglayan

    Travel Guide: Buscalan (Tinglayan)

    Tuesday, February 10, 2015

    Immerse with the unique culture and tradition of the mountain people and be awed with the natural beauty of one of the least explored provinces of Cordilleras – Kalinga! An off-beat travel destination, the province of Kalinga offers beyond what most expect. And where’s best to…

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Category: Nature, Spots

Chasing Waterfalls in Pagbilao: Iringan Falls, Malicboy Falls, Bahay-Pagi Falls and Katapang Falls

Malicboy Falls

Where the mountains meet the sea is very true for the town of Pagbilao in Quezon Province, just at the east of the provincial capital Lucena. Sandwiched by Pagbilao Bay to the south and Sierra Madre Mountain Range to the north, Pagbilao sits at the…

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Travel Notes: DIY Solo and Self-Guided Trek to Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp

My first journey to Annapurna Base Camp of Nepal in December of 2014 was a kind of test. A test if I can really pull off a solo do-it-yourself and self-guided trek to the base camp of the great Annapurna. There were already some who went…

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Category: Nature, Spots

Chasing Waterfalls in Real, Quezon: Cawayan Falls, Balagbag Falls and Noknok Falls

Balagbag Falls

Four hours of land travel from Manila will take you to Real, a coastal town of Quezon Province fronting Pacific Ocean. Like Siniloan in Laguna, it is also nested at the foot Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in the Philippines. So it isn’t surprising…

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Category: Lighthouse, Spots

Farola Series: Faro del Cabo Melville (Cape Melville Lighthouse)

Melville Lighthouse

In the farthest tip of the island of Balabac, the southernmost town of Palawan with the same name, is an aging yet beautiful lighthouse that has served its purpose and survived the time for more than a century – Faro del Cabo Melville (Cape Melville…

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Category: Bike Diaries

Bike Diary: Trek and Bike to Tabuk (Buscalan – Lubuagan – Tabuk)


Route: Butbut – Sungang Viewpoint – Poblacion Tinglayan – Lubuagan – Pasil – Tabuk Total Time: 9 hours and 15 minutes Saddle Time: 6 hours (approx) Distance: Approximately 70 kilometers We woke up ahead of the sun on our third day of biking in Kalinga, technically…

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Category: Information

Commuting Guide: How to Go to Hitachi Seaside Park from Tokyo and Narita

Hitachi Seaside Park

There has been much of discussion on how to commute from downtown Tokyo to Hitachi Seaside Park. The usual route is train via JR Joban Line from Ueno to Katsuta Station in Ibaraki where one can transfer to local bus that goes to Hitachi Seaside…

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Photo Blogs

Pulau Ubin

Snapshot: Pulau Ubin, Singapore’s Secret Corner

Friday, April 29, 2016

Quarry Lake, Pulau Ubin Singapore Singapore, a bustling metropolis, a melting pot of diverse cultures and races, a dense city home to 5.5 million inhabitants. Vibrant and modern, busy and cosmopolitan. We all picture Singapore as an urban metropolis filled with stylish skyscrapers but unknown to many, the…

Mayon 07

The Different Faces of Mount Mayon

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Without a doubt, she is beautiful, she is majestic, she has magic! Every image of her, be as a main subject or a backdrop, makes us fall in love with her even more! Oh the Majestic! Oh Mayon Volcano! You’re beauty is as perfect as your cone. Your charm…


Snapshot: Reacquainted with Kawasan Falls

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kawasan Falls Barangay Matutinao, Badian, Cebu When I first saw Kawasan Falls in pictures, I thought it was too good to be true. Its perfectly turquoise water is quite unbelievable. Must be the power of Photoshop, so I thought. But when I finally got to…


Snapshot: Hail to the Peak of Cebu

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Osmeña Peak Mantalungon Range Mantalungon, Dalaguete, Cebu At 1,013 meters above sea level, Osmeña Peak is known to be the roof of Cebu, the highest point in the province. Located in Barangay Mantalungon of the town of Dalaguete, Osmeña Peak is the highest in the…

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Follow the Call of Adventure

Monday, April 11, 2016

At one point in your life you will feel exhausted, bored and tired of your routinary life. When that day comes, just step out of your comfort box, move away from your usual self and see your life from different perspectives. Travel and seek for…


Meet my Newest Anti-Theft Travel Buddies: Pacsafe Metrosafe Sling Bag and Coversafe Neck Pouch

Category: Gear, Others, Sponsored

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

October last year when I first set foot in Europe, Paris to be specific. It is in fact a fulfillment of a long-time dream. I was so elated that as soon as I arrived in the city, I went straight to Eiffel Tower and Sacre…


Get Insured Now, Thank Me Later

Category: Others, Sponsored

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I woke up today on the very same hour of the day that I wake up every working day of the week. I took a hot shower, prepared myself to work, ate a chunk of what’s in the table while scanning the daily, left home…


Change of Heart, Hello Sun!

Category: Others, Sponsored

Monday, June 29, 2015

Life is all about the path we take and the choices we make. Be it on a huge life changing decisions to smaller things of our day-to-day living, our life involves and revolves on choices. Choices make our day… make our life. Where shall I eat?…