Best Places to Eat in Coron

Where to eat in Coron

Just a mere mention of Coron will make you crave for its white sand island beaches, amazing underwater wrecks, rich marine life, picturesque limestone cliffs, enchanting lakes and other beautiful spots that will definitely entice everyone. But Coron not only have these wealth of natural wonders, for years the town has evolved to be one of the favorite places for food lovers.

Where to eat in Coron
The newly relocated Old House Restaurant. Their chicken and pasta are always big hit.

The continuous influx of tourists, local and foreign alike, paved the way for specialty restaurants and cafes to this side of Palawan. Whether you are rooting for fresh seafood or Filipino dishes, Western or American cuisines, there is something that will definitely suit your preference.

But wondering where to satisfy your cravings in Coron, here are some that I have tried so far.

Old House Restaurant
Operating Hours: 730 AM to 12MN (Daily)
Specialty: Chicken, Pasta
Budget: P150++

My new favorite in town, the Old House Restaurant is popular to locals for their delicious and crispy chicken. It used to be located in Bacuang, Barangay 5 but now transferred along Real St., Barangay 3 near the market.

Where to eat in Coron
Pat’s Favorite, spaghetti topped with sauteed fresh tomatoes, garlic, oregano and olive oil, is also my favorite!

The quaint and dramatic interior of this restaurant matches its name. The old furniture, wide open capiz windows, thick wooden floors and vintage items on display are very nostalgic. It is like dining in the traditional Spanish inspired houses in the past.

Their best seller Chicken in a Basket is real good, tender and crispy (P150.00 for three pieces of deep fried chicken with french fries). My other favorites include Pomodoro Pasta (P150.00/big serving of spaghetti with red sauce mixture of fresh tomatoes, onions, pinch of garlic, oregano and olive oil) and Pat’s Favorite Pasta (P150.00/big serving of spaghetti with sauteed fresh tomatoes, garlic, oregano and olive oil).

Bistro Coron
Operating Hours: 9AM to 12MN (Daily)
Specialty: Pizza, Pasta, Steaks (Western)
Budget: P200++

Where to eat in Coron
Margarita Pizza of Bistro Coron topped with tomato, onion, garlic, bell pepper, ham, cheese and a freshly cracked eggs

Bistro Coron has established its reputation as one of the best places in town for European cuisines. Located along the National Highway near the market and Sea Dive Resort, they offer wide selection of foods and drinks on their well designed restaurant with bar, billiards and free wifi.

Their specialties include Pizza, Pasta, Steak and Sausages. Must try are the house favorites Margarita and Bistro Pizza (P199.00/S, P299.00/M and P499.00/L) in hand baked dough. They are close to authentic Italian pizzas with little Filipino touch 🙂

I never miss Bistro Coron whenever I am in town!

Where to eat in Coron
Bar and billiard table of Bistro Coron

Sea Dive Restaurant
Operating Hours: 7AM to 12MN (Daily)
Specialty: Seafood (Western/American)
Budget: P250++

This in-house restaurant of Sea Dive Resort is one of the best places in Coron to feast on fresh seafood.

Savor the creative and artistically created menus inspired by western cuisines and served by their hospitable staff while enjoying the cozy ambiance of the place in the backdrop of Coron Bay.

Where to eat in Coron
A view of Coron Bay with the La Sirenetta Seafood Restaurant and Bar from Sea Dive Resort Restaurant

Check out their Daily Specials too for complete set of meal on discounted price. In case you are not staying in Sea Dive Resort, worry not for they are open to general public. Free wifi and coffee too!

B.O.G. Cafe
Operating Hours: 2PM to 10PM (Monday to Saturday)
Specialty: Cakes, Coffee Blended Drinks, Pastries
Budget: P100++

Where to eat in Coron
B.O.G. Cafe is a new favorite hangout of coffee lovers

For coffee and cake lovers, B.O.G. Cafe is the perfect place to be with their specialty coffee, cakes and other pastries handcrafted to provide the best tasting blends and sweets in the entire town.

I personally love their Strawberry Cheesecake (P125/slice), Blueberry Muffin (P75) and Caramel Choco Frozen Drinks (P150). They are also planning to offer pasta and other dishes in the future.

B.O.G. stands for “Blessings of God”, so do not be surprised if they play cool worship songs inside their beautifully designed cafe equipped with free wifi 🙂

The cafe sits on the corner of National Highway and San Agustin Street, the road that leads to Mt. Tapyas trail.

Where to eat in Coron
B.O.G Cafe’s Blueberry Muffin

Apart from these four there are other food stops that I find interesting, I hope I can give them a try next time. There’s Manneken Pis Resto Bar, Dad’s Coronzy Coffee and Tea (Centro Coron Lodge and Restaurant), La Sirenetta Seafood Restaurant and Bar, Coron Edge located at the foot of Mt. Tapyas, Santino Grill and the ever budget friendly eateries along the roads of Coron.

So many reasons to visit Coron, again and again!


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  2. Ako_Si_Tin_Ang_Babaeng_Gala


    I’m an online freelance worker, any idea where I can stay during my visit in Coron, preferred ko po sana ung malakas ang signal. and also, ano po ang malakas sa coron? globe or smart? Thanks Lakwatsero! Very informative blog!

  3. Dude

    Hi Angel, just an update: B.O.G. is no more, the staff went on strike (?) some time ago and the place looks run down. Alternatives: Dad’s Coronzy has homemade beef burgers for P80 and good coffee.

    The Old House has moved to “Hulo” near Grand Vista Hotel, and only opens at night. People rarely go there anymore. Alternative: Santino’s Grill near the Coron Port, they serve fall-off-the-bones baby back ribs for and beef spare ribs BBQ for P300 half-slab or P500 full. It’s not inside the town center but a great dinner spot on the way back from Maquinit.

    Bistro Coron is nice, I love their ripe mango shake.

  4. Jeje Awag

    Very informative! Plano Kung mag visit doon next year. Low key travel Lang but gusto ko I explore different places at its good you mentioned the pricing dito. This will give me an idea.

  5. mm

    Where tostay in coron in a low budget trip? Thanks for the info on where to eat

    1. I’ve stayed at budget rooms of Sea Dive Resort and Darayonan, both are good. You may also check out Patrick’s Guest House, Apartelle de Gabrielle, Coron Village Lodge, Coron Reef Pension House or Mommita’s Lodge

  6. This is great! We will be there this coming May 2012..

  7. This will come in handy when I visit Coron in 2012! 😀
    The Old House and B.O.G.!!!

  8. I’m a sucker for seafood so I’d like to try Sea Dive Restaurant! Hehe

  9. Maraming salamat sa listahan. Napapa-isip ako lagi kung san masarap kumain sa Coron. 🙂

    1. Hehe! Marami pang ibang masasarap na kainan sa Coron, di ko palang nabibisita din yung iba 🙂

  10. At dahil dito, magseset ako ng isang gabi para lang sa food trip sa Coron namin sa January 😀 Thanks for the list!

    1. Haha! Nice one, Enjoy Coron Astrid 🙂

  11. yin

    ayyyy gusto ko din nung spaghetti na me fresh tomatoes..specialty ko un ah!! at blueberry muffin..eehhhh..kakaeksayt 🙂

    1. aaaayyyy… tara na sa Coron, haha! Seryoso masarap yung pasta dun sa Old House 🙂

  12. Hindi kami nakapag-foodtrip ni Ada when we went there. Mostly nasa Dive Link lang kami although dumaan kami ng Bistro Coron para maghanap ng… kape. Hahaha 😀

    Sana pagbalik ko ng Coron makapag-Culion na rin ako 😀

    1. Haha! Now may cozy coffee shop na sa Coron, the BOG Cafe 🙂
      Balik na sa Coron 🙂

  13. gusto ko na mag-coron at ma-try yang mga nasa list mo..

    1. Napakadaling puntahan, Coron is just a ferry away 🙂

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