Babu Santa Beach: A Serene Paradise in Talicud Island of Samal


Babu Santa Beach is a strip of white sand beach in the west side of Samal‘s Talicud Island, a favorite stopover not only for scuba divers on surface intervals but also for beach bummers who like a serene paradise.

A beach that reflects a picturesque white sand on a turquoise water on a sunny blue sky is truly a piece of paradise. With the towering coconut trees and skeleton logs of an old port that still standing on the shore that gives a different character to the place, Babu Santa will definitely won’t disappoint everyone.

A dive boat docked in Babu Santa Beach for surface interval

Scuba divers frequent the site due to the teeming marine life off its shore. Large and colorful corals and and sponges,  gorgonians and tropical fish roam around. The coral areas are shallow, making it also a good site for snorkeling.

White sand, turqoise water, blue sky and coconut trees – a tropical paradise.

But beyond its beauty, Babu Santa Beach has a very interesting story. The beach was named after a very tough woman named Crisanta during the late Spanish era, who saved the village from pirates deemed to attack the island by leading them somewhere else. From then on, the beach was named “Babu” (a Moro term of respect for elder sister) and “Santa” (short for Crisanta).

Babu Santa
White sand of Babu Santa Beach

The beach is almost an hour by boat from Davao‘s Sta. Ana wharf, fare is not more than P100. Cottages are available for rent in the beach.

So if you are a fan of uncrowded and unspoiled beaches and you happen to be in Samal or Davao, drop by in Babu Santa Beach and enjoy its sand, sea and sun while sipping a fresh buko juice and having a good tan!

The towering coconut trees provide the sweetest “buko” juice in the island 🙂


  1. Kaye P.

    Hi you can also try our Layak Paanod water tubing adventure here in Calinan Davao City.. You can vivist our facebook fan page for more infos


    1. Lakwatsero

      Thanks for the info. Will try it when I return to Davao. 🙂

  2. ian

    wow nice beach on the other side of Samal Island.

  3. peachy


    would like to ask how do we get to babu santa from davao city… how much is the fare? need to get this info’s we will be going on a 1 day island hopping in talikud island on nov.28…


  4. toni protacio

    i’ll be in davao on july2011..i’ll include Babu in the itinerary..i’ve only been to pearl farm in samal & isla reta in talikud… meron na naman akong idadagdag sa mga places to visit ko.. thanks..

    1. wow, ang daming gala 🙂

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