Ten Reasons to Visit Coron

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Recently, Viacom International Media Networks, the global media company that owns Nickelodeon, announced its plan to build a marine theme park in Coron, Palawan. A plan that seems to be supported by Philippine Department of Tourism.

As if the natural wonders of the place is not enough to entice tourists. But truth be told, with or without a manmade underwater theme park, Coron is Coron! It is a place of vivid and unparalleled beauty… of panoramic seascape and landscape! And it doesn’t need Nickelodeon to highlight its features or to attract tourists.

It is among my favorite places in the Philippines blessed with rich and colorful marine life, stunning limestone cliffs, pristine white sand beaches, picturesque lagoons and lakes, amazing underwater ship wrecks and beautiful turquoise seascape.

Let me give you ten out of countless reasons to visit Coron or ten out of countless reasons why this place doesn’t need Nickelodeon.

1. Kayangan Lake and Cove

The iconic Kayangan Cove, the most photographed spot in Coron and the clean and beautiful lake inside! Here, what you usually see on images is what you get.

2. Twin Lagoons
A narrow opening in between the limestone karst separates this two lagoons with mesmerizing gradients of turquoise and blue. Pretty amazing!

3. Japanese Ship Wrecks
At least eleven known Japanese ship wrecks lie in the depths of Coron. An underwater museum of history and a visual treat to scuba divers who love to experience the thrill of penetrating creepy wrecks!

4. Malcapuya Island
A longs stretch of fine white sandy beach, Malcapuya Island will make you believe that there is indeed a slice of paradise on Earth!

5. Coral Gardens
Coral-covered seabed everywhere! Soft and hard, brain and table, sponges, hydroids and crinoids! Colorful!

Exploring the reefs! 🐠

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6. Bulog Dos
Another beautiful island with fine white sandy beach and lesser crowd.

That summer feeling. Bulog Dos Island. #Coron #Palawan #Philippines

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7. Barracuda Lake
A sacred lake and an abode to a lone freshwater barracuda. But scuba divers go here for the thermocline experience. Free divers, of course, to free dive! 🙂

Free diving in a mysterious Lake. On this picture I’m around 6 meters deep. Great experience! Coron Island, Philippines 🇵🇭

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8. Mount Tapyas
Sunrise or sunset overlooking the contours of Coron’s magical landscape!

9. Calauit Island Safari
A taste of Africa in the Philippines! 🙂

Nature’s love.

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10. Black Island
Black Island? But it has fine white sand!

A majestic island somewhere in the northern tip of Palawan. 🌴🌴🌴

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There are other natural attractions of Coron in case these ten still do not entice you. Trust me, Coron doesn’t need Nickelodeon to convince you to visit Coron.

For more information on Coron, check out my Coron Travel Guide.

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