Capones Island Travel Guide 2023: The Lighthouse Island of Zambales

Capones Island

About Capones

Four kilometers off Barangay Pundaquit of Zambales in the main island of Luzon is the Capones Island or “Isla de Gran Capon” during the Spanish era. It is a two-kilometer long bone-shaped island surrounded with white sand and rocky shores.

This island boasts of white sand beaches conducive for overnight camping, day picnic and swimming; turquoise water and rich marine life that is great for diving and snorkeling.

Beach at the eastern part of Capones Island

There is no commercial establishment on the island and the only structure there (apart from an unfinished building) is an old Spanish lighthouse known as Faro de Punta Capones, built in 1890 to guide ships entering and leaving Subic Bay and to warn passing ships of the dangers of rocky shores around the island. The solar-powered lighthouse is Capones’ best kept secret, with its original brick house structure still in place, though in ruins and neglected, that still draws a dramatic scene.

Just a stone throw away from Capones Island is the Camara Island, which is virtually two islands connected by a sandbar.

Ideal camping spot! 🙂

How to Get to Capones Island

To get to Capones Island from Manila, ride a bus bound to Iba or Sta. Cruz, Zambales via Olongapo. Victory Liner has scheduled trips to these destinations. Tell the driver to drop you off at San Antonio. Fare starts at P270, travel time is around 3 to 4 hours via NLEX.

Upon reaching San Antonio, transfer to a tricycle to Barangay San Miguel or Pundaquit, standard rate is P30 per person, you may opt to add some tip since it is quite far.

Boats can be chartered at Barangay San Miguel or Pundaquit going to Anawangin, rate starts at P1,000 for Anawangin – Capones round trip good for maximum of four persons. Travel time from Pundaquit to Anawangin is roughly 45 minutes.

Capones-Anawangin-Nagsasa Boat Rate 2017

Destination Capacity Boat Rate
Anawangin + Capones 1-4 persons P1,000
Capones + Anawangin + Nagsasa Cove 1-4 persons P2,500
Anawangin + Capones 5-6 persons P1,500
Capones Island
The old gate of Capones Lighthouse

Where to Stay in Capones and Pundaquit

Since there is no commercial establishment in this island, you may bring a tent or camping equipments (plus foods and drinking water) if you are planning to stay there overnight. Just tell the boatman your planned date and time of return to San Miguel/Pundaquit.

If you are not into camping, you can have a day trip in Capones Island and stay overnight in Pundaquit or San Miguel where numerous hotels and restaurants can be found.

Recommended Accommodations in Pundaquit

Lalyn's Home in San Antonio

Lalyn’s Home in San Antonio
Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales
Starts at 3,000 PHP (4 Guests)


DG Paraiso Restaurant

 DG Paraiso Restaurant
Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales
Starts at 3,500 PHP (4 Guests)


Here are some of the accommodations in Barangay Pundaquit and San Miguel.

Megan’s Beach Resort
Contact No: (047)6210507, (047)9133784, +639194808520
Email:[email protected]

Nora’s Beach Resort
Contact No: +639182788188/+639196374917

Punta De Uian
Contact No: (047)2522692/+639188888426
Email: [email protected]

Wild Rose Beach Inn
Contact No: +639106615613
Email: [email protected]

Anawangin Cove

What to do in Capones Island and Nearby Areas

  • Trek to Capones Lighthouse: If you are coming from the east side of Capones Island, you have to trek for an hour or less, to a rocky shore, passing to an unfinished building and statue of Mama Mary. I suggest you have someone with you who knows the place since the trail up has no signage, (only stone guides) and you may get lost. But if you are coming from the other side of the island (near the stairs), the lighthouse is already visible so it is easier to reach the place passing through a field, this side of the island however has rocky shore and some huge waves making it impossible for bancas to dock.
  • Camping: Bring your own camping equipments, enough foods and water supply.
  • Swimming, Snorkeling and Diving: Bring your own equipments.
  • Island Hopping: You can visit the nearby Camara Island, Nagsasa Cove, Silanguin Cove, Talisayen Cove and Anawangin Cove.
  • Aquatic Sports in Barangay Pundaquit: Jetskis are available for rent.
  • Visit Pundaquit Falls
  • Explore Palauig, Potipot, Masinloc, San Narciso or Liwliwa (San Felipe)
  • Check out Anghalo Falls in San Felipe
  • Taste the sweet mangoes of Zambales
  • Trek to Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake via Botolan
  • Enjoy arts and music at Casa San Miguel
  • Trek to Mt. Pundaquit, Mt. Nagsasa, Mt. Cinco Picos or Mt. Balingkilat

Sample Itinerary

DIY weekend camping itinerary
Day 1

0500H : Departure from Manila to San Antonio, Zambales
0930H : Arrival in San Antonio
0930H – 11:00H: Market to buy necessary camping supplies, foods and other equipments, bring packed lunch or buy from the market, proceed to Pundaquit or San Miguel via trike to ride the boat
1100H – 1130H: Pundaquit or San Miguel to Camara Island
1130H – 1200H: Free time in Camara Island
1200H – 1230H: Camara to Capones Island
1230H – 1400H: Setup camp, fix stuff, lunch
1400H – 1800H: Explore, swim, photo ops
1800H – 2000H: Wash-up, prepare dinner
2000H – 2100H: Dinner
2100H onwards: Bonfire, Night party, Socials

Day 2

0600H: Wakeup Call
0600H – 0900H: Breakfast, free time, swim, break camp
0900H – 1000H: Trek to lighthouse
1000H – 1130H: Photo ops, explore, rest in the light house
1130H – 1230H: Lighthouse to the boat
1230H – 1300H: Capones to San Miguel / Pundaquit
1300H – 1500H: Lunch, Shower / Fix up / Trike to San Antonio
1500H – 2000H: San Antonio to Olongapo / Food trip in Olongapo / Olongapo to Manila

Capones Island
Approaching Capones Island

Budget / Expenses

Here’s the estimated expenses for a group of four:

Manila to San Antonio Bus – 270
Food & Miscellaneous – 500
Boat Share – 250
Trike Share – 70
San Antonio to Olongapo Bus –  120
Olongapo to Manila Bus –  215


Approximately P1,425 / person


  • Since this area is facing the open waters of the South China Sea, the water is generally rough any time of the year specially during afternoon.
  • No mobile signal and electricity in the area


  1. Pearl

    Hi! I reposted your blog entry in my FB account. I hope you don’t mind. My friends and I are planning to go to Capones and Anawangin on the third week of May 🙂

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    eow poh!

    punta po ako ng capones this sunday.. Anyone interested to join me?

  4. Nelly

    About CAPONES, It was indeed a very nice, peaceful and quiet island, I very much feel free when we’re there. Masarap at sariwang hangin pa ang aming nasasagap.

    Note to everyone: I strongly suggest and recommend to you guys to experience a night in CAPONES. and if you do contact kua DINDO or ate LIEZEL @ this #. 09172022692….. very supportive at maasikaso pa sila. on time ang sundo at assist nila kami hanggang makauwi kami. salamat po….
    Nxt po naming target is CAMARA ISLAND….


  5. mary grace

    hi,we went overnight in capones island and it’s fun!though walang cr and poso,gumawa ng improvised cr yung mga boatman namin and they brought us 2 pails of fresh water from pundakit..very accommodating and maasikaso sila.oh by the way,jay-r agasa name ng contact boatman namin.though very tiring umakyat sa lighthouse it’s worth the pagod naman kasi ganda ng view sa taas ng lighthouse.boatman-slash-photographer na din ang naging role ni kuya..hehehe try go overnight in capones island.and here is kuya’s number: 09173809104

    1. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Ed

    Love the Capones Island Lighthouse! Been there many times and have the island and lighthouse for my architectural thesis few years ago.

    Spent many nights in the lighthouse…….very beautiful and special place!

    1. Beautiful indeed 🙂

  7. Jinky

    Hi! we were there last Good Friday. You may get in touch with our boatman Tatay Leny 09187670982.

  8. aubrey

    hi! we’re planning to do our anawangin adventure / capones this may 2010. can you give me the contact person whom we can arrange our trip and package…we are all from Bataan

    1. lira

      hi aubrey, you can visit this site for your anawangin trip
      also, a travel group can help organize a for you. i’m recommending TRAVEL FACTOR for a fun, carefree adventure for you and your friends. visit their multiply and or facebook accounts.

  9. mia

    hi there…
    when i saw anawangin /capones on youtube… i have the instant liking to the place…
    please help me… if there some organized tour to go there…
    I have a friends would love to go the anawangin/capones… we’ll becoming from manila….
    it’s my 3nd time to go island hopping

    my 1st was in catanduanes, virac
    my 2nd was in tingloy island, near mabini batangas..

    but i think te best would be the anawangin and capones

    thank you….


  10. TENG

    Hi tanong ko lng po kung san pwede maligo sa capones island?? my balon ba dun ?? or poso ??? Balak sana namin mag overnight stay sa capones..

    1. yes there is, but it is on the light house not on the beach, and from beach to lighthouse requires some time trekking…

  11. Faye Vitan

    May I know po the contact person of the organized trip you had. And is it advisable to visit the islands on December? Thank you so much for your site.

    1. I didn’t join organized trip for my Capones/Anawangin trips. I’ve been here twice on a DIY tour. Go DIY, it’s easy and cheaper 😀

  12. son-ji

    @ dookesa_08

    kagagaling ko lng ng potipot islang lasy May. It’s true na may mga kubo na dun. 500php ang rent nung mali and 300php ung maliit.

    konti lng ung ngka-camping sa potipot nung andun kmi..isa lng ung ngovernight na nakatent. maganda pa din sa anawangin dre.

    thanks for the info. you should also try nagsasa cove.

  13. dookesa_08

    ei lakwatsero!..ask q lng po ano mas better if we’re going to potipot dis sept to stay on a hotel or go camping @ potipot island?..may accommodations n b sa potipot?..i’ve read some reviews telling n may mga kubo n dw dun..we’re thinking p if potipot or capones?..

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  15. ana

    ok. if we plan on trekking and coming from the north side, can you refer a guide for us? thank you.

    Any local can guide you. You can ask the boat man to bring along a local. Fee of course depends on your arrangement but it will be minimal for sure.

  16. ana

    hi! we’re planning to go to Capones this coming monday, may 18. ung boat ride ba to Capones is still P700 and ilan ang pwede sumakay? saka will the boat stay with us while we’re there? how will we get to the lighthouse? thanks

    The P700-P800 rate is from Pundaquit only, back and forth. The boat can accommodate up to four persons. Will the boat stay? Hmmm, it depends actually to the boatman and on your activities in Capones. If you will stay there for long or camp in the island, the boats usually leave and return on the time/date you schedule to return. But if you will just trek the light house, some boatmen prefer to stay. Trekking the light house is easy if you are coming from the main entrance and stairway to the lighthouse which is on the south-western part of the island, but due to huge waves in the area, very seldom that the boats dock there. The other way (northern part) is the hard way, and requires a guide if your are a first time.

  17. joan

    hi! we’re planning to do our anawangin adventure this may 23-24. alin po mas ok n kunin? ung package n which is usually per head or kmi na lng gawa ng iterinary nmin? mga 12-14 pax kmi and we’ll be coming from manila. please advise how… thanks.. btw, thanks for your website.. got a lot of info..

    Hi joan, of course a Do-It-Your own is and will always be cheaper. If you have tents, camping equipments, just bring out the adventurer side of you, and voila! you’ll have an unforgettable Anawangin experience. But if you are all busy people and willing to shell out extra funds for organized trip, then join a package tour. I remember spending around P1000.00 for an Anawangin and Capones weekend last April 2009, and we were just only four. Just give me a word if you will do it on your own, and I will give you more tips, info, and even contact persons.

    1. helen


      Can you help me? My bf and I are going to zambales next week. Instead of taking a tour maybe u can help me DIY? we plan to stay 3d 2n and its our first time to go out of town alone ao i hafta organize this ASAP. which islands do u prefer to stay overnyt in? where can we rent a tent and how much would it cost? are there toilets in those islands? thank u so much

  18. jonathan

    Hi Ask ko lang po kung how much ung boat ride to capones island? kung 2 lang kmi plus baby? how much it will cost? or meron din kami kasbay na pasahero dun?

    Hi jonathan, boat ride from Pundaquit or San Miguel to Capones alone costs P700-P800. The boat is yours alone. I’m a bit concern about the baby, how old is he/she?

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