Farola Series: Faro de Punta Capones (Capones Island Lighthouse)

Capones Lighthouse
Capones Lighthouse

The bone shaped island of Capones, off the coast of San Antonio, Zambales, hides a lonely sentinel that for years, decades and even century survived the wars, earthquakes and countless storms but still standing and serving its purpose – the Faro de Punta Capones.

One of the few remaining old Spanish lighthouse in the country, the Capones Island Lighthouse was built in the late 1800’s and became operational in 1890, purposely to guide the ships entering and leaving Subic Bay, and to warn passing ships of the dangers of rocks around the island.

Set in the grassy hill of the island, the solar-powered lighthouse is Capones best kept secret, with its original red brick keeper’s house structure still standing. The keeper’s house although ragged and neglected, draws a dramatic picture of the place. Its empty and dilapidated rooms, halls, stairs, tiled floors, windows and doors still reflects its glorious past.

Capones Lighthouse
Looking out from Capones Lighthouse’s keeper’s house

One can go there by following the stone guides from the eastern side of the island for approximately an hour of trekking on a rocky shore, passing to an unfinished building and statue of Mama Mary. A local guide is necessary for first timers as the trail has no signage. From the other side of the island, (western side) where the lighthouse is already visible, it is easier to reach the site although this side of the island has sharp rocks and some of the angriest waves you could see, making it impossible for boats to dock most of the time.

After an hour trek, the best way to refresh is to have some good shower from an old hand drawn water well located in the lighthouse compound.

Lakwatsero along with the Travel Friends Mother Wrecker Party People (TFMWPPF) guys, one of my cool and fun-to-be with travel friends, will start this year with a bang with a revisit to the Capones Lighthouse. A great way to start the year! On to more travels and adventures this 2011!

Capones Lighthouse
The keeper’s house as seen from the lighthouse’s tower

For more information on Capones island, please visit Lakwatsero’s Capones Island’s Travel Guide.


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  6. kuya Jack, cge,sabit ako!:D let me know in advance para maka-file ako ng VL, nag-iipon na ako for underwater cam. hehe goal ko tlga yan this year! salamats!

    1. sure, advise kita ate jill 🙂

  7. whoa, yan pala name ng lighthouse. all this time, tawag lang jan ay Capones Lighthouse. Hahha

    1. Hehe, spanish translation lang 🙂

  8. Awesome start of the year! Great photos as always. Safe trips!

    1. Thanks Gay! Happy New Year 🙂

  9. aba at mukhang papanindigan mu ang koleksyon ng lonely sentinels of the sea ah! 😉 Indeed, it’s a great start of the year for you. Just pls be safe ayt?
    Ako naman tuloy ang tinatamad mag-blog,parang gusto ko uli maging private na tao. 🙁
    Anyway, more travels for you this year kuya. Gusto ko mag-aral mag-dive this year, samahan mu ko pag free ka ah! Pero m pretty sure puno ka na ng travels this year! haha

    1. Pangarap ko yan Jill 🙂
      Salamat salamat 🙂 Ang totoo, tamad na talaga ako mag blog 😛
      Sure just tell me when you will get your dive cert and I will go if I am free 🙂 Mag aaral din ako ng advanced either March or April, baka gusto mo sumabay 🙂

      Regards and ingat din parati 🙂

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