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Nested in the northern Mindanao, Philippines, is a pear-shaped volcanic island of Camiguin, aptly called as the “Island Born of Fire”. It is roughly 100 kilometers north of Cagayan de Oro City in Misamis Oriental.


It can be considered as the Hawaii of the South East Asia as this island was created by volcanic eruptions and land movements. It has a total of seven volcanoes, one of which is the active Mount Hibok-Hibok that last erupted in 1953. Having been blessed by natural wonders and historical treasures, the island is truly a paradise.

Among the most famous landmarks of Camiguin is an uninhabited white island that is around two kilometers off the shore of Agoho. It is actually a sandbar that offers a picturesque view of Mt. Hibok-Hibok. This sandbar submerges substantially during high tides.

How to Get There:

By Air

Camiguin has its own airport in Mambajao but Cebu Pacific is the only commercial airline that has regular flights to the province from Cebu City. For those coming from Manila, book a flight to either Cagayan de Oro or Butuan.

via Cagayan de Oro

Philippine Airlines/PAL Express, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia Zest have regular flights daily from Manila to Laguindingan Airport of Cagayan de Oro City. Meanwhile, Philippine Airlines/PAL Express and Cebu Pacific also fly from Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, Davao and Zamboanga to Cagayan de Oro City on scheduled trips.

From Laguindingan Airport, ride a shuttle (Magnum Shuttle or LAX Van at P199.00/pax as of Dec 2013) direct to Agora Market where you can catch a bus (P148.00/pax as of Dec 2013) or a van (~P200.00/pax) to Balingoan for a two-hour ride. Get off in Balingoan Terminal and walk to the port. From there, ride a ferry (~P150.00/pax) to Benoni Port, Camiguin. Ferries from Balingoan Port to Benoni, Camiguin leave almost every hour from 5Am to 5PM, travel time is two hours.

Alternatively, you can ride a fast craft from Cagayan de Oro’s Macabalan Port straight to Camiguin. Ocean Jet Fastcraft departs Cagayan de Oro everyday. For more information and reservation contact +639062510225.

via Butuan

Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific have regular flights daily from Manila and Cebu to Bancasi Airport of Butuan.

From Butuan Airport, catch a motorella or taxi to take you to the bus terminal and hop to any Cagayan bound bus (~P200.00/pax), travel time is more than two hours. The bus will stop at Balingoan Terminal just a short walk to the port where you can catch ferry to Camiguin (~P150.00/pax).

By Land and Sea

Super Shuttle Ferry serves Cebu – Camiguin and Jagna, Bohol – Camiguin. Visit their website for schedule.

Meanwhile, for those planning to go there by bus and/or ferry from Manila, one can possibly reach Camiguin via Cagayan de Oro or Nasipit:

  • Philtranco buses from Manila(Pasay) to Cagayan de Oro: approximately 42 hours travel time passing through Balingoan
  • 2Go Travel from Manila to Cagayan de Oro City and Nasipit for around 30 hours travel time

There are also ferries to Cagayan de Oro and Nasipit from Cebu and other port of call in Visayas and Mindanao. By bus, several bus companies ply to Cagayan de Oro and Butuan from other points in Mindanao such as Rural Transit, Bachelor Express, Super 5, LCI, and Bagong Lipunan.

White Sandbar with Mt. Hibok-Hibok in the background

Where to Stay:

There are quite numerous hotels/lodges in this island to choose from for budget or high-end tourists. Most are located in Mambajao. There are also home stays, cottages and rooms-for-rent which are decent enough for a stay for as low as P500.00 per room. But during Lakwatsero’s visit to Camiguin, we stayed at Paguia’s Cottages located at Rocky Village Subd., Yumbing, Mambajao, right in front of Paras. It is owned by Ma’am Hospecia Paguia, contact no: (088)387-9018. A nice room for up to 6 people for only P1400/night. For the Lakwatsero’s compilation of accommodations in Camiguin click here.


Camiguin is best experienced than described, they say. Rent a multicab for a tour of the island (~P2500.00 for a big multicab that can fit 12 persons, including port transfers). With its natural wonders and historic landmarks, tourists will definitely enjoy these sites:

Walkway to Via Cruzes
  • Old Catarman (Gui-ob) Church Ruins: In Barangay Bonbon, 16 kilometers from the center of Catarman. What remains are ruins of adobe walls, belfry and convent that are testimonials to the devastating 1871 earthquake which wiped out the illustrious town of Catarman established earlier as a Spanish settlement in 1967.
  • Cross Marker and Sunken Cemetery: Sixteen kilometers from Catarman proper; a huge cross was installed in 1982 to mark the community cemetery which sunk during the 1871 volcanic holocaust. A fluvial procession usually organized by the townsfolk of Barangay Bonbon is held to honor the sunken graves of their forefather.
  • Stations of the Cross(Via Cruzes) / Walkway (Old Vulcan): A walkway complete with 14 Stations of The Cross leads to the peak of Mt Vulcan Daan. Thirteen kilometers west of Mambajao, it has 70 to 80 meters drop and is a landmark of the PANAAD Pilgrimage.
  • Katibawasan Falls: Five kilometers southeast of Mambajao center is a waterfalls which measures 250 feet high cascades to a rock pool surrounded by ground orchids, wild ferns, trees and boulders. Its cold water provides an ideal summer splash to bathers and picnickers.
  • Tuasan Falls: Six kilometers northwest of Catarman, the trek to this 25 meter high rapid waterfalls entails a very scenic hike passing thru the quaint Barrio Mainit. The falls can be tapped as a mini hydro source of power.
  • Binangawan Falls: Where several miniature and gigantic waterfalls gushing through majestic granite stones that converge in one main pool, covered with luscious unspoiled vegetation, and a mystical rainbow is arched by the fall’s mist as the sunlight penetrates through it.
  • White Island: An uninhabited white sandbar with Mt. Hibok-Hibok and Old Volcan in the backdraft that reflects the grandeur the Province of Camiguin has ever achieved. It is reached within 10 minutes through a banca from anywhere in Yumbing, Mambajao area.
  • Ardent Hot Spring: Six kilometers west of Mambajao is a mineral pool with water around 40 degree centigrade. Vapor rises from the heated waters that run down the vents of the dormant Hibok-Hibok volcano. The springs are ideal to bathe in at night surrounded by cool mountain air. It has therapeutic effects. Picnic huts and tables are available in the beautifully landscaped gardens with a restaurant on site.
  • Sto. Niño Cold Spring: Located 4 kilometers north of Catarman is a huge pool of cold spring water with a sandy bottom. The area has native stores, picnic huts and toilets for visitors and guests.
  • Others: Taste the Pastel de Camiguin, a very yummy yema filled bun, visit Macao Cold Spring, Tangub Hot Spring, Mantigue Island, Taguines Lagoon, dive spots of Jicdup and Burias shoals, Ancestral Houses, Old Churches and Centennial Tree. Dine in Luna Ristorante. Diving in the diverse and unspoiled waters around the province. Tour nearby Cagayan de Oro City and try White Water Rafting in the river.

Sample Itinerary (Camiguin-CDO-Bukidnon)

Day 1: Camiguin En Route and White Sand Bar Sunset

0600H – 0825H: Assembly in NAIA 3 / Check-in
0825H – 0950H: Manila to Cagayan de Oro Flight
0950H – 1030H: Assembly / Baggage Check-in
1030H – 1100H: Cagayan de Oro Airport to Agora Terminal
1100H – 1300H: Agora Terminal to Balingoan Port
1300H – 1400H: Lunch
1400H – 1530H: Balingoan to Benoni Port, Camiguin
1530H – 1600H: Benoni to Paguia’s Cottages
1600H – 1630H: Check-in/Fix-up
1630H – 1830H: Camiguin to White Sandbar (by boat) / Sunset at White Sand Bar / Back to Mainland Camiguin
1830H – 1930H: Wash-up Fix-up
1930H – onwards: Dinner / Socials / Lights off

Day 2: Camiguin on a Day

0600H – 0800H: Call Time / Breakfast
0800H – 1300H: Multicab Tour: Ol Vocano Station of the Cross / Sunken Cemetery / Gui-ob Church Ruins/ Sto. Niño Cold Springs
1300H – 1400H: Lunch
1400H – 1800H: Katibawasan Falls / Ardent Hot Springs
1800H – 1900H: Wash-up / Fix-up
1900H – onwards: Dinner / Socials / Lights off

Day 3: Wild Water Ride

0345H – 0430H: Call Time / Paguia’s to Benoni Port
0430H – 0600H: Benoni Port to Balingoan
0600H – 0800H: Balingoan to Cagayan de Oro
0800H – 0900H: Check-in New Dawn Pensionne / Heavy Breakfast
0900H – 1800H: White Water Rafting!!!! (Buffet Lunch included)
1800H – 1900H: Wash-up / Fix-up
1900H – onwards: Dinner / Socials

Day 4: Zip High in Bukidnon

0500H – 0600H: Call Time / Breakfast
0600H – 0800H: Travel CDO to Bukidnon
0800H – 1100H: Zip, Zorb and more in Dahilayan (Lunch and Snacks Included)
1100H – 1300H: Travel Bukidnon to CDO
1300H – 1400H: Hotel Check-out / Travel to Airport
1400H – 1555H: Assembly / Airport Check-in
1555H – 1720H: Travel CDO to Manila

Budget for Camiguin-CDO-Bukidnon (Approximately P5,000 – P5,500 each for a group of 6)

Taxi (Airport to Agora Terminal): P50.00
Bus (Agora To Balingoan): P143.00
Ferry to Camiguin: P150.00
Multicab (Tour/Transfer): P250
2 Nights Camiguin Accomodation: P600
Boat to White Island: P150
Ferry Camiguin to Balingoan: P150.00
Bus (Balingoan to Agora): P143.00
Taxi to New Dawn Pension: P30.00
1 Night CDO Accomodation: P350
White Water Rafting + Zipzone: P1999
Terminal Fee CDO: P30
Miscellaneous/Foods/Entrance Fees/Etc: P1000
Approximate Budget: P5100

*First published: 29-March-2008. Last updated: 10-December-2013.

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  1. Hi! We visited Camiguin last month and I must say it is indeed spectacular! 😀 I recommend KUYA NATO as a tour guide. He has motorcycles and multi-cabs for tours.
    He was our life saver! We were arrived at the port late for our ferry back to Balingoan port and we had a 4pm flight back to Manila to catch. He hurriedly thought of an alternative and he drove us to his friends home who was a fisherman. He suggested that we rent the pumpboat to take us to Balingoan port and they gave it to us for a discounted price since we were just 2 girls travelling. We made it to the CDO airport 1 1/2 hours before our flight thanks to KUYA NATO!

    His contact details are: 09056967618

    1. Thanks for the feedback Rims. I’m glad you had a great time there 🙂 Byahe lang ng byahe 🙂

  2. hi, would it be possible if from balingoan, we’ll go directly to hotels near katibawasan falls?
    we’re just backpackers, when there’s no available hotel nearby, we’ll it be okay if we’ll go directly to the falls? our next plan will be to go to enigmata and stay one night..we’ll this be possible? please leave a reply if you have an idea. thanks much.. =)

  3. Do not ride oceanjet…make sure airconditioning is functioning…make sure your ticket is aircon or else they’ll put
    you on open air.

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  5. hi jona, it would be cheaper if you leave your cars near balingoan port garage rental @ 150/night…. then hire kuya teddy transpo for camiguin tours.

  6. Highly recommended kuya teddy services for both cdo-camiguin-bukidnon tour. Very budget friendly at madali lang kausap ni kuya. Pagdating namin sa camiguin pier, my plakard nakalagay name namin nag ala VIP kami , yung plakard hawak ng kanyang asistant na si prince william…

    kuya teddy really deserves addtl referrals:

    teddy 0939-2440521/ 0906-4912604
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    1. hi! magkano yung rate ni kuya pag sa Camiguin lang? is it enough to tour Camigun for one whole day then balik agad sa CDO after?

  7. how much will it cost if we bring our own car? an ideas kung magkano ang car fee? all i know is ang motor a 200 pesos

  8. Last august i spent 4 days in beautiful Camiguin with my family. We stayed at Pabua’s Cottages. It’s a small family run place with 10 cottages. Budget friendly and the staff were very helpfull. They also helped us with going to all the places to visit. Camiguin itself is very clean and unspoilt, which is very hard to find these days.

  9. We are from Manila Call Center, a group of 12 ladies and we had a great experienced with Roel (cf no.09173107085) nag avail kami sa tour package niya from Iligan, Bukidnon,Cagayan and Camiguin eh dahil sa nasira ang ferry na sinakyan namin on the way na sana kami sa airport we were not able to catch up our flight bound to Manila on that day. Maraming salamat talaga sa kanya hindi niya kami iniwan. Naghanap kami ng mapag tirahan sa CDO at libre ang charge niya sa Van hanggang kinabukasan pag hatid sa airport. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM for your travel. Kudos to you Roel!!

  10. ei guys,

    try to stay at golden sunset beach club, it is a resort having a nice atmosphere, may swimming pool at nasa tapat lang nang white island. im sure you really super like this place…. two thumbs up.

    mobile : 0918-5595686
    they have also a multicab that you may hire for camiguin tour. kuya teddy is their friendly driver who drove us around the beautiful sceneries of camiguin.

  11. We are so thankful to Paguia’s Inn and to Kuya Roel Paguia who help us during our CDO,Iligan, Bukidnon and Camiguin tour. Thank you very much.

  12. FYI! Cagayan de Oro Airport to Balingoan port – 2hrs trip then ferry from Balingoan port to Camiguin is 1hr and 20 min.

    1. Saan ba makaka mura ng rooms dun? 3days-2nights stay kasi kami, 18 pax. Yung malapit lang din sa tourist spots ng camiguin. Thanks

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