Ten Awesome Places in the Philippines to View the Sunrise

Every sunrise is beautifully different but they all convey the same message. A promise of a brand new day… of renewed hope and optimism. Here in the Philippines, we are privileged to have 7,107 awe-inspiring view of the rising sun, spread from island to island, from lowland to highland.

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Visit Philippines 2015: The Philippines’ Top Destinations

Seven thousand and more islands, spread over a vast water of teeming marine life, built carefully by an artist’s hands, blessed with nature’s best, unparalleled and beyond compare!

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10 Things to Do in Baler

Only six hours away from Manila is Baler, the capital of the province of Aurora and a popular surfing destination in Luzon. But despite its proximity to Metropolis, much of Baler remains quaint and pristine.

But Baler is more than just its swells and breaks, it is now fast becoming a tourist hotspot because of its natural wonders, historic spots and other attractions.

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