10 Reasons To Love Boracay

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Popular for its powdery white sand beach, colorful dive sites, picturesque sunset and vivid night life, Boracay Island in the Province of Aklan is hailed as one of the best islands in the world by various international and local publications. Well, there's no argument on that. Most, if not all, who have been there will agree that no other beach in the world can surpass or even match its white and powdery sand, thus making it famous worldwide. Undeniably, Boracay is a paradise!Back 1980’s, the island was still a deserted beach without commercial establishments and electricity. Two decades past, the island rapidly evolved to become the prime tourist destination of the Philippines with the presence of numerous business establishments and modern infrastructures. Boracay today is still reinventing itself and continue to evolve, but its timeless beauty and lovely charm continue to prevail. If you haven't been there or a first timer, better check out this list on why you should love the island. If you are a frequent goer, well... check this out just the same.
The Perfectly Fine White Sand Beach
Dubbed as one of the best beaches in the world with its super fine white sand and crystal clear water, Boracay's White Beach is best experienced than describe. The beach stretches for approximately four kilometers from Station One to Three and home to variety of hotels, restaurants, bars, dive centers, shops and other establishments.
The Water Sports
The beautiful water surrounding Boracay Island attracts different water sports. Among these are the Banana Boat, Fly Fish, Parasailing, Jetski, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking and more. The best thing is that, all these adrenaline pumping activities are staged in the backdrop of paradise.Well, gone are the days of just lazing under Boracay's sun, getting into action is the new norm. So don't miss any of these water sports, and have an action packed day in the water!
Cliff Diving!!!
In the recent years, Boracay Island became a haven for cliff divers, thanks to Ariel's Point in the town of Buruanga of mainland Panay. Ariel's Point is currently closed though but a new and closer cliff diving site just opened and they call the place Magic Island. Only 10 minutes by boat from the White Beach, Magic Island is part of the neighboring town of Nabas. According to locals, they named it as such because it appears floating without entry point during high tide. For only P150 entrance fee, you can enjoy the thrill of jumping off their 5, 10, 12 and 13-meter platforms into the open sea for as long as you want. Bundle the trip to Magic Island with your island hopping tour for best value experience.
The Food
Never leave Boracay without experiencing the best dining spots the island has to offer. More than the iconic Jonah's Fruitshake, Calamansi Muffin or Choriburger, there are more restaurants, coffee shops and hole in the wall dining spots in the island that will delight food lovers. Check out Pamana Restaurant, Aria Cucina Italiana, Real Coffee and Tea Cafe, Mañana Mexican Cuisine, True Food Restaurant, Crafty's Rooftop Bar, Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant, or the various seafood and buffet stalls in the beachfront.
The Party
Dubbed as 24/7 island, Boracay breaths fun from sun up to sun down. Yes, the island doesn't sleep! At daylight, the party is at D'Mall, on the beach and on the water. But as the night crawls and deepens, the happenings shift indoors specifically at the bars lined up at the beachfront. There are plenty to choose from - from the pubs with live reggae band to the bars with open dance floor, there are also videoke type or just the romantic beach setup. Some of the best night spots are Epic Boracay, Cocomangas Shooters Bar, Club Paraw and Juice Bar.Now, if you really wanna party hard, check out Boracay Pub Crawl! It is the first of its kind to offer the chance to party in one big group and discover the best night spots in the island. Meet new friends, play games and party hard! Boracay Pub Crawl promises an unforgettable evening of fun and adventure.
The Serene Puka Beach
Experience the less crowded Boracay at Puka Beach. Also known as Yakap Beach, this small strip of beach north of the island is accessible by trike or even bike from the White Beach. Named as Puka Beach due to abundance of Puka shells long time ago, this spot is perfect for those who prefer solitude and isolation. The sand may not be as white and as fine as the White Beach but the charm of this place is undeniably haunting.
The Iconic Sunset
At the end of daylight everyday, everyone in the long stretch of the White Beach turns into photographer as each catch their own snapshot of the setting sun. Different angle and scenes in various foreground and themes, but all having the same background. It is indeed one of the most photographed scene of the island. A picture of sunset with the uniformed paraw lined up on the beach may be as cliche as the most cliche, but it is definitely a darn beautiful one!
The Underwater World
Boracat isn't the best and cheapest place in the Philippines to dive or snorkel but its underwater scenery is worth seeing just the same. There are more than 20 known dive sites in the waters around the island and perhaps more that are yet to be discovered. Most of these dive sites are within five to thirty minutes away from the island. What to expect? Coral covered seabed, colorful reefs, beautiful walls and wrecks!If scuba diving is not for you or your budget, have a glimpse of the island's underwater scenery by going into a helmet diving or snorkeling.
Boracay is just a small island connected by network of roads so getting around by bike is easy, cheap and a great way to explore the place. There are few mountain bike rentals along the beach and along the main road at the back of D'Mall for as low as P150 per hour, even cheaper if you rent for a day or half. The bike are not in very good condition though but don't worry since the roads of Boracay are not technical. There may be few uphill but majority of it is flat or gradually ascending.If you want the real thing, try getting in touch with Boracay Adventure Club or Cyclone MTB Boracay. They occasionally organize bike trips to mainland Panay and they can be of help too in finding a good bike for the ride.
Boracay's Sister Island
Curious of how Boracay Island looks like in the 80's? Then have a day trip to the nearby Carabao Island of Romblon.Carabao Island or Hambil is less than an hour by boat from Boracay. There are public boats that depart from Bulabog Beach for only P50 per person, schedule varies though. Alternatively you may hire a trigger boat to take you there for as low as P1000 one-way.


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