Apo Reef Sablayan, Mindoro Occidental Prepare for summer and make sure to bask in the tropical sun, sea and sand of Asia’s largest atoll-like reef – Apo Reef National Marine Park. The 34-square kilometer marine park is located in the vast Mindoro Strait, off the coast of Occidental Mindoro, a marine protected area that serves as habitat of more than 350 marine species such as sharks, sea hawks, manta rays, stingrays and other tropical fishes and invertebrates. There are three islands in the Apo Reef National…Continue Reading “Slideshow: Romancing the Memories of Apo Reef”


February this year was my fourth consecutive years in the town of Sablayan, and supposed to be in Apo Reef too. As if all first timers, our group couldn’t hide the excitement. We could almost see the white sandy island, its the lighthouse and the stunning sunset as well as the sea turtles, sharks, humpheads, schools of fishes and colorful corals that thrive on its water. But our excitement was spoiled out by the unfavorable sea and wind conditions that made the two-hour boat ride…Continue Reading “Detour to Mainland Sablayan”


And just like that, it is almost February. But before I continue blogging the whats of my 2013, I guess it is only fitting to give closure to 2012 by looking back to the highlights of last year. To say that the previous year is good is an understatement. Let’s just say that it was a blast, if it is the right term for it! Honestly, it may not be as busy as the earlier years but it was certainly one of my best years….Continue Reading “2012 in Retrospect: ‘Twas a Blast”


I had a chance to dive in Apo Reef when we returned there last February. It was a memorable one not because it is one of my favorite places to dive but because it marked another milestone in my scuba diving career – my 100th dive! Being a scuba diver for two-and-a-half years opened a door for me to a new dimension. It made me appreciate, understand and love the underwater world more than ever. It changed my life to become more responsible individual, protective…Continue Reading “Journey to the Depths of Philippine Underwater World: 100 Dives Milestone”

Apo Reef

It was a last minute decision and it seemed like a coincidence that Gael’s feature on Apo Reef was just published in Yahoo!Travel. Reading her piece along with some of my photos made me missed Apo Reef even more. Perhaps it was the sign. After all, if there are places worth coming back over and over again, Apo Reef is surely one of them. So for third year in a row I went to this paradise off the coast of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro and once…Continue Reading “Weekend Bliss: Return to Apo Reef”

Dive Apo Reef

“Woooooooh!!!”, we shouted as we surfaced after our third and last dive, it was almost dark. We descended a few minutes before sunset. If it was not because we were in this magical place, we could have cancel the third dive. But we were in Apo Reef and we had to make the most of our day to explore its underwater paradise. We proceeded with sunset dive without any hint of hesitation, even if the darkness was already enveloping the surroundings and we only had…Continue Reading “Three Amazing Dives in a Paradise Called Apo Reef”