The Long Way to Paradise: Manila to Boracay by Bus & RoRo


For someone who loves long travel, I always wanted to try going to the world’s famous Boracay Island by bus and ferry. An invitation from a friend paved the way for me to accomplish that dream.

It took me a total of fifteen hours by LRT, bus, Ro-Ro ferry, bus, Ro-Ro ferry, boat and multicab rides from downtown Manila to the powdery white sand beach of Boracay. Fifteen hours which I think is a bit lucky since I had very short waiting time on the transfers because I hit the schedules of the transportation just in time.

The Paradise that is Boracay!

Going back from Caticlan to Manila is a different story as I boarded the Caticlan to Batangas Ferry of 2Go Travel. In fairness to 2Go, the ride was smooth, pleasant and convenient. I got a tourist accommodation for approximately P800 pesos with meal and linen. The tourist accommodation area is clean and quite cold. Travel time was around 10 hours from Caticlan to Batangas.

Budget wise, the total cost for a one way trip amounted to approximately P1000 which is not that significantly cheaper than local airlines’ promo fare to Caticlan. So if you are planning to go to Boracay, keep watch of the promo fare of local airlines flying to Caticlan because going there by plane is more convenient but if you love long travel, I suggest you take the long way to Boracay especially the 2Go Ferry.

Anyway, here’s my trip summary and budget in case you are planning to take the long way to Boracay.

Sunrise at Roxas, Oriental Mindoro

Manila to Boracay


2100H-2120H: Blumentritt to Gil Puyat LRT (P15.00 LRT Fare)
2120H-2330H: Pasay to Batangas Pier Bus (P166.50 Bus Fare)
2330H-2345H: At Batangas Port / Purchase RoRo Ticket to Calapan (P192.00 Ferry Fare + P30.00 Terminal Fee)
2345H-0015H: Boarding / Waiting Time in Ferry to Calapan
0015H-0235H: Batangas to Calapan
0235H-0435H: RoRo Bus Calapan to Roxas (P180.00 Bus Fare)
0435H-0440H: Roxas Petron to Roxas Port by Tricycle (P15.00 Trike Fare)
0440H-0450H: Purchase RoRo Ticket to Caticlan (P391.00 Ferry Fare + P15.00 Terminal Fee)
0450H-0510H: Boarding / Waiting Time in Ferry to Caticlan
0510H-0855H: Roxas to Caticlan
0855H-0920H: Transfer to Boracay Boat (P25.00 Boat Fare + P100.00 Terminal Fee + P75.00 Environmental Fee)
0920H-0935H: Caticlan to Boracay by Boat
0935H-0950H: Boracay Cagban Port to Hotel (P20.00 Public Multicab Fare)

RoRo Ferry from Roxas on the background and the trigger boat to Cagban Port of Borcay on the foreground

Boracay to Manila


0630H-0645H: Trike to Cagban Port (P25.00 Trike Fare)
0645H-0700H: Cagban Port to Caticlan Port(P25.00 Boat Fare + P100.00 Terminal Fee)
0700H-0730H: Transfer / Check-in at 2GO Travel (P965.00 2Go Tourist Accommodation Fare + P50.00 Terminal Fee)
0730H-0800H: Waiting Time at Caticlan Port
0800H-0530H: Caticlan to Batangas
0530H-0545H: Arrival in Batangas / Transfer to Bus
0545H-0815H: Batangas Port to Buendia by bus (P166.50 Bus Fare)
0815H-0835H: Buendia to Home by LRT (P15.00 LRT Fare)

Lobby of 2Go Ferry from Caticlan to Batangas


  1. Magkano po ang minimum fare from manila to Oriental mindoro at mga ilan oras aabutin bago makarating doon.tnx.po.

  2. BIGDADDY2629

    Saan po sasakay ng bus mula Manila hanggang Kalibo? thanks…

  3. anung oras po ang byahe sa batangas to caticlan

  4. Jetro

    Hi CHief Good day!

    I Just wanted to ask kung ok lang ba mag chance passenger from Caticlan to Batangas port? Kse wala na kami makita way pabalik ng Manila..we’ll be there on MAY 2 and we need to get back to MLA on MAY5…Please help us TIA 09154220100

    1. Lakwatsero

      You mean the 2Go Ferry? Try booking ahead online or go to their ticket office in Caticlan when you arrive on May 2 before you ride the boat to Boracay.

  5. nhizon

    Hi! I just want to ask where can I buy roro ticket in boracay going to manila? My boyfriend and I have booked a ticket going boracay on may 1.. We are actually coming from Kuala Lumpur. The only problem is we haven’t booked a ticket yet from Bora to Manila. Airfares are so expensive now so as a second option, we have decided to go for a Roro bus. Can we buy ticket on the spot when we reach there?

    Your reply will be greatly appreciated, Thanks a lot! :))

    1. Lakwatsero

      You have two options:

      1. Book a ferry from Caticlan to Batangas port then transfer to Manila bound bus at Batangas port. Check out, their tourist class is very comfortable. There are two ferries that depart daily during summer, one in the morning and one at night. When the ferry reaches Batangas, buses going to Manila are easily accessible at the port.

      2. Catch a direct Caticlan to Manila bus of Ceres Transport, the terminal is located in front of Caticlan Jetty Port where tourists ride the boat to Boracay. If you are taking this bus, I suggest you book ahead. Reserve and pay your seat when you arrive in Caticlan before you board the boat to Boracay. Included in the fare are the two ferry rides, since the bus will board the Ro-Ro ferry twice (Caticlan to Roxas and Calapan to Batangas). This is quite strenuous as this involves more transfers.

  6. cheriedemiguel

    magkano poh ba ang pamasahe mula alabang hanngang kalibo bus poh

    1. Lakwatsero

      If I remeber it right, it is P900+.

  7. kit

    take the bus from cubao going to batangas port. ride the 2go ferry from batangas port going straight to caticlan jetty port. take boat to boracay. done. 🙂

  8. Sharon

    I am planing to ride a boat or private yatch from. Manila to boracay, boracay to Manila.
    I have 3 kids twins 5months and 2year old plus my husband 2 yaya total 7.
    If possible to have private room that fits for us.

    Any contact number where to inquire ASAP.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Thank you

  9. wooow! long trip nga talaga… nice alternative way on getting to Boracay… hindi kaya pagdatin mo dun eh hindi mo na masulit ang mga activities at puro tulog ka nalang at kain? haha joke!

  10. 3M

    how about traveling with SUV to the same destination Bora.. Any idea how much it cost?

  11. Adam

    Hi 🙂 I’m going to Manila on Friday 28 February 2012 (midnight arrival) to Monday 1 January 2013 (night departure). Planning to squeeze Boracay trip if possible. Any info on cheapest package Manila-Boracay-Manila? Would love to hear from u soon 🙂

  12. jaye

    Hi, marami po bang boat from batangas to calapan at midnight? Or was that a chance passenger thing? We’re looking for a boat from batahgas port on the 25th ng gabi or midnight, and we dont want to risk it if wala palang boat na sure available ng midnight going to Calapan. please please reply, kahit through email. thank you!

    1. Batangas to Calapan boats leave every 2 hours, round-the-clock 😀

      1. jen

        daily po ba ang batangas to calapan trip? thanks.

  13. Jackie


    just want to ask if safe mag travel from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan, Caticlan to Boracay ng gabi? may contact ba kayo ng mamang bangkero?

    Thank you

    1. Krez lansangan

      Hi sa gusto mag pa boracay, just let me know. Biyahe kalibo to caticlac boracay safe naman we have personal drivers and grandia. Palitan naman mga drivers natin. Meron din murang hotel sa calibo kung gusto ninyo mag over nyt sa kalibo. Ask lang ako krez ito phone ko 0926 6189150 email e_lansangan@hotmail. com for hotels and van reservation. Ako mismo samahan ko kayo. =)

  14. An

    Did land trip to Boracay through Mindoro. Nasakyan na ata namin ang all forms of transportation except for horse carriage. land and sea trip on our way to Bora but we took a plane back to Manila. Took a trike from Mindoro to Petron to take a van going to Roxas where we took a Montenegro to Caticlan port where we spent the night since past 11pm na kami dumating doon.
    It was a great experience.

  15. -rome-

    may isang long trip na mas madali at di na kailangan ng madaming transfer.
    cubao-iloilo by bus to batangas port and to iloilo by roro and from iloilo you can ride a bus to caticlan.


      Anong bus sasakyan nmin tska magkano po?? tnx

  16. Riz

    whoa! eto ang 22ong long trip!!!!!! ma try nga to minsan pag may time,,

    1. Krez lansangan

      Hi sa gusto mag pa boracay, just let me know. Biyahe kalibo to caticlac boracay safe naman we have personal drivers and grandia. Palitan naman mga drivers natin. Meron din murang hotel sa calibo kung gusto ninyo mag over nyt sa kalibo. Ask lang ako krez ito phone ko 0926 6189150 email e_lansangan@hotmail. com for hotels and van reservation. Ako mismo samahan ko kayo. =)

  17. JC

    My friends and I tried the same route (Manila to Caticlan) eons ago, nag FX nga lang kame from Calapan to Roxas which felt like 4 hrs yung travel time. Buti may bus na ganun kaaga. Sobrang luma na nung ferry from Roxas to Caticlan nung time na yun (8 yrs ago), bago na ba? 🙂

  18. Such a long trip!

  19. Ang haba ng byahe pero mukhang sulit naman pagdating mo sa Boracay.

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