For the Love of Calaguas

I am a little over halfway on my pursuit to explore the whole country and in my journey,  there are places that I find remarkably beautiful, there are those that I have no intention of going back, but there are some that made me fall in love. To pick just one destination I consider the best is really a tough decision. But being a “son of a beach” that I am and for the love of Calaguas Islands, I ended up choosing my happy beach over the others.

The best place in the Philippines!

Imagine walking on a perfect beach – pure fine white sand, sunny blue sky painted with pearl white cotton clouds reflecting a lovely gradient of turquoise blue calm water that breaks gently on the shore, producing a soothing music… unspoiled, serene and quiet where you will be able to hear only yourself and the sea, on the backdrop of its natural and unexploited beauty.

The other side, one of the many faces of Calaguas.

Stop imagining now. That place truly exists. It is my place, my beach – it is in Tinaga Island of Calaguas Group. I consider it my own although technically, I don’t have the titles.

Situated off the shore of Camarines Norte, Calaguas Group is a cluster of islands and islets scattered over the Pacific Ocean. It harbors white sand island beaches including Tinaga Island’s Mahabang Buhangin (Long Beach) or Halabang Baybay in local dialect, hailed by many, myself included, as the best not only in this part of the region, but in the entire Philippines.

Calaguas’ varied hues and characters add to its natural charm.
Calaguas is incomparable.

I have been to my beach twice, the first time (February 2009) was extraordinarily great, the second time (February 2010) was a blast (thanks to the lovely people I were with). As if the more I visit the place, the more I fall in love with the beauty, calmness, serenity and varied characters of Calaguas.

A sunset you will never forget.
Diverse and unique characters!

Sometimes I regret writing stuff about Calaguas and letting the whole world know that there exists an unimaginable place. Forgive me, I am not being selfish but I find my self being protective of my beach. But most of the time, I cannot contain myself to shout to the world that I have been to a real paradise, where every positive adjective to describe it seems understatement. I will let others envy me and I will feel so proud.

For me, every positive adjective to describe the place seems understatement.
A stretch of fine white sand!

It is almost a year since I last felt its powdery sand on my feet, since Calaguas welcomed my return to its sun, sea and sand, and embraced me at night under its moon and stars, with the waves as my lullaby, I missed how my beach let me fall asleep in my greatest dream.

I missed the sand, sea and sun of Calaguas!

I heard that a lot of people have already gone there, while still many are planning to experience what I and others experienced. I hope those who have been there took good care of the place, and those planning to go also do, because I am quite sure that you will also treat it as your beach, like I do.


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  3. Boy Camano

    Summer ain’t over yet! For those who are planning to have their late summer vacation here n Calaguas, we’re offering a budget price boat rental to get to the island. For those who are interested, you can contact Boy Camano at 0908-546-0683.

  4. makakapunta na rin ako dito sa wakas in july =) thanks for sharing

  5. masyadong maganda! grabeeee!!! ok lang ba kung mag-isa dito? he he grabe, sobrang nakakasilaw naman ang sand and water! ganda!

  6. zeksikiah

    I am one of those people who fell in love with Calaguas. I went there last march 2010 and I came back again last may 2010. The first time I saw the island, it felt like I was in heaven. But the second time was not fun because there like more than 100 people and there some irresponsible tourist who threw candy wrappers, plastic, and other garbages. I hope those who would visit this island would be more responsible and help preserve this wonderful paradise.

  7. Hey Lakwatsero!

    Ngiting aso ako habang binabasa ang mga exploits nyo. Salamat for featuring unspoiled and unexploited destinations sa Pinas. Just what I’m looking for! I am a Pinoy living in USA and a hopeless adventurer. I am planning a trip to Pinas in November 2011. Isa na ang Calaguas sa mga plano ko!

  8. allenjoy

    U really are in love w/ calaguas…
    When do u plan to go back to “our” paradise???
    I wanna meet u, hopefully, I’m also in the island,I kept coming back, I was just there last week and i’ll be back again this weekend for a dental mission for the community.

    ***Just wanna share, dreams do come true in calaguas, i have found not only the perfect and virgin beach but also, one great Love Story ***

  9. Ced

    You never could go wrong with the Calaguas. And parang kahit san mo point camera mo, maganda pa rin kuha. Ganun sya kaganda. Hehe.

  10. ian

    what a lovely place of our country… I wish to visit the place too as there a lot of travel bloggers who have there already and it is really highly recommended.

    care for link ex? visit my travel blog at

  11. Ching

    Hi Angel!

    Congrats! I believe this is your blog that won in the Cebu Pac contest? I saw your name in their Smile mag November issue. Keep posting your travelogues. I enjoy reading every word in it. Makes me plan my next trip. 🙂

    1. Thanks Ching 🙂

  12. Kakamiss nga Calaguas. It’s indeed one of the best destinations dito sa Pinas. 😀

    1. Yep Ced. Sana Calaguas remains unexploited kahit na medyo dumarami na nagpupunta 🙂

      1. zeksikiah

        hhhaaayyy… ang kati kati na ng tubig nung pumunta kami jan last may 2010 tapos ang dami dami ng basura sa dagat, may napulot pa kaming isang buong SM plastic na puno ng wrappers sa tubig na nakabaon sa beach… tsk tsk… sana maging mas responsable yung mga pumupunta sa calaguas

  13. yay! eksayted na ko bumalik ng Calaguas w/ Nina and chyng! 😀

    1. sama natin yung kapatid mo? ^-^

  14. yin

    parang ramdam ko ang pagkamiss mu..
    ako din..sana makita ko pa xa ng ganun ule. tahimik…maganda…malinis..masaya..

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