Calayan Island: A Virtual Diary of Our Epic Journey

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Calayan Island
Nagudungan Hill
Drenched in sea water for more than six hours, feeling helpless, cold and hungry. All we wanted (aside from ending the ride alive) was just a hot soup to warm our bodies. That is if ever we safely reach the land. But there was no hot soup, only a welcome embrace from a new found home, family, friends and scenery like this one. A warmth that was more than enough!
Bataraw Falls
We chartered a boat the next day to take us around the island. The place reminded me of Batanes. But one that differs Calayan to Batanes is the presence of numerous waterfalls such as Bataraw Falls in Barangay Magsidel.
Sibang Cove
Under the gloomy sky, we made the most of our day in Calayan Island by visiting other sites. Aside from Bataraw Falls, we also visited Lusok Cave, spent the afternoon in Sibang Cove and ended the day in Nagudungan Hill.
Sibang Cove
This stretch of cream sand and beautiful turquoise water reflect a natural orange and teal effect. At first glance, Sibang Cove easily earned a slot in my top Philippine beaches.
Malangsi Falls
The weather was much better on our third day in Calayan so we decided to explore the other side of the island. Our boat brought us to Malangsi Falls. During rainy season, this spot is covered with a curtain waterfalls that empty into the sea.
Sibang Cove
After Malangsi Falls, we made a stop once more in Sibang Cove and spent the afternoon there under the blue and cloudy sky.
Sibang Cove
Before sundown, we walked the stretch of Sibang Cove to Nagudungan Hill and Lighthouse for the sunset.
Nagudungan Hill
On our last sundown in the island, finally there was a promise of a beautiful sunset.
Nagudungan Lighthouse
A promise fulfilled.

It was the longest boat ride of our lives. A wild six hours of waiting for uncertainty… waiting to die, waiting to live.

And we live. We live to tell the stories… our Calayan stories.

Situated in between Batanes and mainland Luzon, Calayan Island is part of Babuyan Group, a collection of islands and islets in Northern Philippines. Balintang Channel separates the island from Batanes, but it shares the same features with the northernmost Philippine province; and although it is bigger in terms of land area, it is just a town of Cagayan Province.

Just an island town filled with unimaginable spots and corners… distant and isolated, treacherous and beautiful. Roaring waves, ragged coastline, verdant hills, idyllic beaches, majestic waterfalls and more!

We ventured in Calayan Island in the midst of summer of 2017. A journey that turned into an epic adventure when the sky and the sea decided to forget it was summer, and brought storm and worry to unprepared souls.

Here’s a virtual diary of how our unforgettable Calayan adventure turned out.

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