Slideshow: Eight Stills from Mt. Pinatubo

Mt. Pinatubo

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In 1991, a catasprophy unfolded in Central Luzon when Mt. Pinatubo discharged millions of tons of sulfur dioxide in the air after more than 600 years of dormancy. Almost a thousand souls perished, more than a hundred thousand homes were lost and billions worth of crops were damaged. Ashes covered the entire Philippines and even Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and other neighboring countries.

The cataclysmic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo shaped a beautiful landscape that we see today. Ironically, it is now attracting more and more people after its eruption that fend off millions from the area in the past.

The serene aquamarine crater lake surrounded by sand wall is one the beautiful output of its violence. A trek to this crater lake can be done in a day. To convince you to experience Mt. Pinatubo, here are eight stills that showcase the beautiful scenery that covers the volcano’s tragic past.

For more information on Mt. Pinatubo check out Lakwatsero’s Travel Guide to Mt. Pinatubo.


  1. Lyn

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  2. Breathtaking photos, Angel! I have never been to Pinatubo myself, but it feels like I am right there at the place with your wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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