Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Quotable Quotes of 2014


My last flight of the year 2014 from Singapore to Manila last December 29th was delayed for a couple of hours. Thankfully, I was in Changi Airport, the best airport in the world and one of the few that I won’t mind being stuck in for hours or even a day.

After roaming around the terminal building for an hour or two, I sat in one corner and just surfed the web to stalk some of Filipino travel bloggers’ Facebook pages and voila, this post was born. A compilation of quotable quotes of 2014 from some of my favorite travelers and bloggers.

On loving what you do:

“Do not waste time in a job you hate.”Estan Cabigas (

On life cycle:
“Everything goes full circle.”Ferds Decena (

On versatility:
When you feel like you’re burning out even from the things you love doing, it’s time to rediscover old or develop new passions. Remember, if you tilt your life towards one main objective – it will lose its balance.“- Marky Ramone Go (

On faith:
“If only you knew what God has prepared for you or what heaven is like, you will change the way you live your life.”Dong Ho (

On making a mark:
“Don’t blend in, stand out!”Gael Hilotin (

On pursuing your happiness:
“Keep that passion burning! Even if the waves are turning against you.”Ivan Briñas Cultura (

On having fun:
“A little embarrassment won’t hurt. We’ll laugh at it/them together someday in the future.”Gay Mitra-Emami (

On patience:
“2.5 hrs waiting in line at a packed bank for a transaction that will take 1 minute.”
And more patience:
“Then someone in front of you brings out a huge bag of 5 peso coins.”- Kara Santos (

On dreaming:
“We’re of the same height. LOL!”Darwin Miranda Cayetano (

On loving our planet:
Commute or, even better, bike or walk. Reduce your ‪#‎carbonfootprint‬ everyday.” – Edgar Allan Zeta-Yap (

On facing reality:
“There’s a time to write stories, and there’s a time to live your own.” Marcos Caratao (

On positivism:
There is always a reason to celebrate life!”James Betia (

On blogging:
Write passionately like it’s your first time to write. Write meaningfully like it’s your last. Write mindfully like everyone is reading. Write soulfully like no one is. Write with no other goal but to write something good. Write because you want to write. Blog because you want to write.” – Yoshke Dimen (

On solo travel:
“Traveling solo may be daunting, but the only way to find out if it is for you is to give it a try.”Nina Fuentes (

And my favorite, on long time travel:
“I don’t envy the people (some are my very good friends) who call the road their office. I salute them for it is a brave choice and not an easy one for that matter. But for me, I don’t need to travel nonstop, I don’t want to. I want travel to be a culmination of something, an escape, a sweet reward. Like a spoonful of peanut butter that I can enjoy whenever I crave for it. Balance is essential, restraint is an art. I love the counting of days before each trip, for it keeps me alive! I want to enjoy the end of it too, when I drop my bag and sniff the scent of my own pillow, for it keeps me grounded. For me, travel should have a start and an end. It has to be defined and measured, for it keeps the magic of the peanut butter making every spoonful so fu**ing worth it.”Ron Cruz (


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