Slideshow: Keepsakes from Ceylon

Ayubowan Sri Lanka!

Images from Colombo, Anuradhapura and Sigiriya

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An unexpected turn of circumstances and events led me to the land of beautiful beaches, timeless ruins, hospitable people, lovely elephants, perfect swells and flavorful food. An island nation in Indian Ocean with vivid history and unique culture, ayubowan Sri Lanka!

It was a hectic itinerary. I had to make the most in my short Sri Lankan holiday that as soon as my plane touched down the airport of Colombo, I went straight to the train terminal in the city and found my way to the sacred city  of Anuradhapura, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the principal shrines of Buddhism, once abandoned and hidden in dense jungle for so many years with its palaces, monasteries and monuments.
The next day, I rode a bus and traveled for four-and-a-half hours to the ancient city of Sigiriya, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sigiriya consists of an ancient castle used by King Kasyapa who ruled the country from 473 to 495 CE. It is the center of Ceylon civilization during its establishment.
It was four days and three nights of discovery, quite short for an interesting place like Sri Lanka but just enough to jumpstart the journey and before I delve into the depths of the mystery that envelopes the land.
I would like to believe that my love affair with Ceylon has just started. That in the future, my feet will soon walk on its soil. But until then, I find consolation on moments of nostalgia while looking back to my good days in Sri Lanka!