Apo Reef & Pandan Island Travel Guide 2023: Sablayan’s Ultimate Island Escapade

Apo Reef

Welcome to Apo Reef & Pandan Island!

Endowed with amazing and world class wonders, the heart of Occidental Mindoro guarantees everyone with unforgettable rendezvous with its warm people, rich culture and diverse nature – welcome to wonderful Sablayan home to the world-renowned Apo Reef!

The biggest municipality and the top ecotourism destination of the province of Occidental Mindoro, Sablayan offers variety of activities specially to those adventure driven souls who want to commune with nature.

Apo Reef
Nemo in the waters of Apo Reef

The mountains and forests of Sablayan are home to diverse flora and fauna, some of which are endemic to the island, and harbor great rivers, lakes, caves and waterfalls. Its museum and parks offer a historical and recreational experience. Its surrounding islands shine with their white sand on waters teeming with vivid and superb marine life.

Sablayan also covers the world-famous Apo Reef National Marine Park, which is considered as Asia’s largest atoll-like reef, the second largest in the world next only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It is a 34 square kilometer reef that serves as habitat of more than 350 marine species such as sharks, sea hawks, manta rays, stingrays and other tropical fishes and invertebrates.

Apo Reef
Apo Island Lighthouse

But more than its striking scenery, both inland and underwater, Sablayan takes pride of its people with the rich culture of the indigenous Mangyans and the inborn hospitality of Sablayeños. Come and experience the wonderful Sablayan and be mesmerized with its unmatched offerings.

How to Get to Sablayan, Apo Reef & Pandan Island

Manila to Sablayan

By Air

San Jose, Occidental Mindoro is the gateway to Sablayan by air. Cebu Pacific has regular flight to San Jose from Manila, travel time takes 45 minutes. From San Jose airport, take a short ride by tricycle to bus terminal, then hop to a bus going to Sablayan, fare is a little over P100, for a travel time of two-and-a-half to three hours. There are also air-conditioned vans that can be rented from the airport although they cost higher at P3500 and up.

Apo Reef
Beautiful turquoise water of Apo Reef

By Land/Sea

Manila to Sablayan Direct

There are buses from Cubao, PITX and Sampaloc, Manila going straight to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro that pass through Sablayan. Air-conditioned Dimple Star Transport Buses from Sampaloc costs around P800 (as of April 2017) inclusive of the ferry and terminal fee in Batangas Port, last trip is 8PM from Sampaloc. They also have terminal in Alabang. Contact No: +639086315495 and +639086964803.

You can book your bus  or plane ticket from Manila to San Jose or vice versa below.


Manila to Batangas

For budget travelers, the cheapest way to get to Sablayan from Manila by land and sea is to go to Batangas Port for P197 fare (as of February 2019) for a travel time of 2 to 3 hours. You can book your bus tickets from Manila to Batangas and vice versa below.


Batangas to Abre de Ilog

From Batangas Port catch a ferry to Abra de Ilog at P260 (as of February 2019) plus P30 terminal fee (as of February 2019), a 2 to 2.5 hours boat ride.

Abra de Ilog to Sablayan

In Abra de Ilog, transfer to a Roro Bus or a Dimple Star Bus to Sablayan for another three hours ride, fare is P240 (as of February 2019). If there are still available bus from Batangas Port better arranged your seats from there as the buses are usually get filled even before reaching Abra de Ilog. Alternatively there are vans from Abra de Ilog to Sablayan though rare, charging at least P250 per passenger.

Montenegro and Besta are the ferry operators in Batangas Port to Abra de Ilog. Please verify the schedule if you are taking a ferry, their sites are not updated, you may call Montenegro at (043)723-6980 / (043)723-8294 or the Port of Batangas hotline at (043)7238243.

Sablayan to Apo Reef

Going to Apo Reef, tours are managed and controlled by the local government of Sablayan, Contact No: Globe: 0917-170-6723 Smart: 0998-546-5917 Landline: (043) 458 0028. Boat rental as of February 2017 is fixed at P10,000 (good for 10-15 persons) for 36 hours (payable in eco-tourism office). Entrance fee in Apo Reef is P325 per person for Filipinos and P650 for foreigners (payable in Sabayan Tourism Office). Tour guide is optional, but in case you need one (which I think not), it is P750. Snorkel and mask set can be rented also at the tourism office for P150/set, so as the tents at P200 good for two persons and P300 good for 4-5.

Pandan Island
Pandan Island

How to Book Your Apo Reef Trip


Local Tourist

    • Valid identification Card bearing photo and signature

Domestic Tourist & Foreign Tourist

    • Valid identification Card bearing photo and signature
    • Notice of confirmed booking at Sablayan Tourism Office
    • Booking acceptance from DOT Accredited Establishment in Sablayan

Booking Procedure

  • Coordinate/register at Sablayan Tourism Office via walk-in or via Phone/telephone call: Globe: 0917-170-6723 Smart: 0998-546-5917 Landline: (043) 458 0028
  • Booking arrangements can only be processed during weekdays (Monday-Friday) 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • For Apo Reef Natural Park and/or Pandan Grande Island – book at least 3 days ahead prior to your visit.
  • For Marine Sanctuary Tour via Glass Bottom Boat first trip (7 am) and second trip (8 AM) – book at least a day before.

Package Tours

For package tours at Apo Reef Natural Park, contact the following Travel and Tour Agency DOT Accredited:

Angeles U. Reyes
09273089027 / 09997327949
FB Page: Lagaw Mindoro
G-mail: [email protected]

Angelita Atienza
09190029643 / 09102801768 / 09456708620
FB Page: Explore Occidental Travel & Tours
G-mail: [email protected]

Jun Atienza
9150524088 / 09662794488
G-mail: [email protected]

How to Book Your Pandan Island Trip


  • Sablayeño – Valid IDs with address and vaccination card
  • Domestic and Foreign Tourists – Valid IDs with address and vaccination card

For booking in Pandan Grande Island, contact 0908 359 0362 / 09393887308 or visit their website at www.pandan.com.


Environmental Fee (To be paid at Tourism Sablayan Office)

    • Sablayeño (picnic and snorklers) – P25 (I.D must be presented upon payment)
    • Local Tourist/ Foreigner (picnic and snorklers) – P55
    • Divers – P275

Boat Fee (To be paid at Boat Dispatcher)

    • Ordinary Boat – P350 for the 1st Person, P50 each for the 2nd to the 15th person (one-way only)
    • Glass Bottom Boat – P2,200 maximum of 12 Pax

* Boat Dispatcher Contact No: 09354800071

Pandan Island Entrance Fee (To be paid at Pandan Grande Island Resorts)

    • Adult – P300
    • Kids (5-12yrs old) – P150
    • Cottage Fee – P250

Where to Stay in Sablayan, Apo Reef & Pandan Island

The best way to experience Apo Reef is to pitch a tent on the beach and stay overnight. If you prefer Pandan Island, you may stay in the resort in Pandan Island. You may also opt to stay in the resorts and hotels in mainland Sablayan.

Pandan Island Beach Resort Corporation in Pandan Island, just a short boat ride from the mainland offers accommodations and various amenities and activities. For more information, please visit their website at www.pandan.com.

Apo Reef
Sunset at Apo Reef

For those who prefer to stay in the mainland, there are several hotels, inns, apartelles and beach resorts located there. These include:

La Sofia Apartelle
Address: P. Urieta St. Buenavista, Sablayan
Contact: (43)7430209 / +639207013551

Emely Hotel & Restaurant
Address: 115 Gozar St., Buenavista, Sablayan
Contact: +639192859372

Feliz Del Mar Beach Park
Address: Sitio Puting Buhangin Poblacion, Sablayan
Contact: +639214326796  / +63928-3574525

D.J.  Beach Resort
Address: Sitio Busaran, Poblacion, Sablayan
Contact: +63919-2859372

Landmanz Hotel & Restaurant
Address; 8914 Arellano St. Buenavista, Sablayan
Contact: +639104284569 / +639196157184

Mega Pinoy Beach Resort
Address: Poblacion, Sablayan
Contact: +639203489415

Along D’ Beach Resort
Address: Poblacion, Sablayan
Contact: +639214049242

Sablayan Adventure Camp Beach Resort
Address: Punta, Poblacion, Sablayan
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.sablayanadventurecamp.com

Country Wood Resort And Hotel
Address: Laya, Poblacion, Sablayan
Contact: +639208057255

Garden of Eden Resort
Contact No: +639084348034

Villa Ocampo
Address: Sitio Laya, Barangay Poblacion, Sablayan
Contact: +639186665479 / +639185111886

Apo Reef

Activities in Sablayan, Apo Reef & Pandan Island

  • Dive in the world-famous Apo Reef guarantees sightings of sharks and other rare marine species sighting
  • Dive and snorkel in the waters around Pandan Island
  • For non divers, experience a unique and the best snorkeling by holding on a bamboo frame being dragged slowly by a pumpboat, see the sharks, turtles, manta and other pelagic underneath
  • Trek and swim to Malatungtong and Pandurucan Waterfalls
  • Enjoy the white sand beaches of Pandan Grande, Pandan Pequeño and Apo Island
  • Spend overnight in Apo Island on a tent
  • Climb to the Apo Reef Lighthouse and see the 360 degrees unobstructed view of the marine park
  • Visit Mindoro Pines dubbed as Little Baguio of Mindoro, Libuao Lake, Sablayan Prison and Penal Farm, Siburan Forest and Sablayan Eco Park
  • Trek Mt. Iglit-Baco National Park, a sanctuary for endangered Tamaraws
  • Witness the best view of sunset at Parola Park
  • Trace the history with the town’s old churches and museums
  • Immerse with the rich culture of indigenous Mangyans
  • Trek the hills of Mt. Agsuli
  • Explore Carungcaban Cave
Apo Reef
Rich and pristine marine life!

Sample Sablayan, Apo Reef & Pandan Island Itinerary

(Apo Reef by land trip to and from Manila)

Day 0: En Route to Batangas

2130H – 2200H: Assembly in Pasay
2200H: Departure from Pasay to Batangas Port

Day 1: En-Route to Apo Reef

0030H: Arrival in Batangas Port
0030H – 0200H: Assembly/Buy Ticket/Board Ferry
0200H – 0400H: Batangas to Abra de Ilog via Montenegro Lines
0400H – 0700H: Abra de Ilog to Sablayan by Dimples Bus
0700H – 1000H: Arrival in Sablayan/Register and Settle Payments at Sablayan Eco-Tourism Office/Breakfast/Shop for camping supplies
1000H – 1300H: Sablayan to Apo Reef by boat
1300H – 1430H: Arrival in Apo Reef/Setup Camp/Prepare Lunch/Lunch
1430H – 1800H: Explore Apo Reef: Trek the lighthouse, rafting in lagoon, swim, snorkel, photo ops, prepare dinner
1800H – 1900H: Dinner
1900H: Socials, Bonfire, Lights off

Day 2: Explore Apo Reef, Pandan Island & Return to Sablayan

0500H – 0630H: Call time/Watch Sunrise/Prepare Breakfast
0630H – 0800H: Breakfast/Prepare for Snorkeling Tour
0800H – 1000H: Guided Snorkeling
1000H – 1030H: Break Camp
1030H – 1330H: Apo Reef to Pandan Island
1330H – 1430H: Lunch in Pandan Island
1430H – 1600H: Explore Pandan Island/Swim/Snorkel/Photo Ops
1600H – 1630H: Pandan to Sablayan
1630H – 1800H: Wash up in Eco-Tourism Complex
1800H – 2100H: Buy bus ticket to Batangas/Dinner/Rest
2100H: Wait for Bus/Depart from Sablayan to Batangas

Day 3: Back in Manila

0400H: Arrival in Batangas (Diversion Road)
0400H – 0730H: Transfer to Pasay bound bus, Batangas to Pasay
0730H – 0830H: Pasay to Home
0830H: Home

Estimated Budget: P4,500 – P5,000 for a group of 10 person

Apo Reef
Ultimate island experience!


  • Boat rental rate starts from P10,000 for 36 hours good for 10-15 persons, payable in Sablayan Tourism Office
  • Entrance fee in Apo Reef is P325 per person (Filipinos) and P650 per person (foreigners), Sablayan Tourism Office
  • Tour guide is optional, but in case you need one (which I think not) P1,000.00
  • Diving in Apo Reef can also be arranged in the tourism office. Cost: One-time diving fee of is P1,980 (Filipinos) and P2,450 (foreigners); Dive Master fee of P500/dive; complete set of equipment/gear rental for a day at P1,600; tank rental of P300/tank; plus the boat rental which is at least P10,000 that can fit 10-15 persons. It would be best to join a group to share cost for the boat.
  • Snorkel and Mask set can be rented at the tourism office for 150/set
  • Tents can also be rented at P200/tent that is good for 2 persons and P300/tent good for 4-5 persons
  • Tourism office offers various tours, trips and packages which include trip to Island Experience, Caving, Diving, Snorkeling, Trekking, Museum Tour, etc.
  • No mobile signal of any network in the island, but radio communication is available
  • Solar powered electricity is available only in the evening
  • Going home, there are vans direct to home in Sablayan, rate is P1000+
  • There are vans from Sablayan going to Abra de Ilog, fare is at least P300 but trips are rare and limited
  • Dimple Star buses that transport passenger from Abra de Ilog Port to San Jose via Sablayan
  • There are provincial non-airconditioned buses in Sablayan going to Abra de Ilog but the trip takes more than four hours due to numerous stops
  • The most convenient way for me is to ride a Dimple Star Bus from Sablayan to Batangas for P550 (inclusive of Ro-Ro and Terminal Fee), if you decide to take Dimple Star reserve your seat ahead!

*Updated to reflect recent rate 01-March-2012 / 31-Jan-2017 / 07-Apr-2020/10-Mar-2023


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