While walking around Zamboanga City looking for a place to kill time before my evening flight back to Manila, I accidentally discovered this very interesting café near the airport – Wichcraft Café by La Tienda. Curious on its name and what it offers, I went inside and ended up spending five solid hours! Situated along Camins Road, only around two kilometers from Zamboanga City International Airport, Wichcraft Café is relatively a new landmark in the city. The cafe just started its operation in the late…Continue Reading “The Wichcraft Café of Zamboanga City”

Real Coffee and Tea

Hidden in one of the interiors of Boracay is a coffee shop that is on everyone’s must dine spots in this island paradise – “The Real Coffee and Tea Cafe”. Situated in Station 2, on the second floor of Sea World, The Real Coffee and Tea Cafe popularized the iconic Calamansi Muffin of Boracay. It is their bestseller and most popular offering, considered now as the most sought after “pasulubong” from the island. Established in 1996 by an Italian-American expat Lee Rosaia who moved to Boracay in…Continue Reading “Real Coffee and Tea Cafe of Boracay”


I like Sunzibar! Yes I do! This simple and unpretentious Mexican restaurant is no doubt, one of the culinary treasures of Tacloban City, Leyte. One that you should definitely not miss when in town for their cheap yet creative and delectable menu, homey ambiance and friendly staff. Situated in the downtown Tacloban City, Sunzibar takes pride of its imaginative Mexican inspired menu – ribs, pasta, nachos, sandwiches, arroz (rice), sopas (soups), ensalada (salads) and tacos among others. But if there is only one dish I…Continue Reading “Me Gusta Sunzibar Tacloban!”

Night food markets are “in” today and what I like about them aside from giving income opportunities to local entrepreneurs is that we get to taste wide assortments of really fabulous foods in just one location. A one-stop-shop for food addicts because almost everything is there, in one convenient stop, all in reasonable prices – pasta, sea foods, grilled foods, shabu-shabu, burgers, pizza, cakes, steaks, drinks… name it! But for a resident of downtown Manila like me, I still have to go to Makati, Quezon…Continue Reading “Fab Food Finds at Manda Centrale”

As I sat in an empty seat of La Tegola Cucina Italiana, an Italian Restaurant in downtown Cagayan de Oro City, I couldn’t help but gaze on the beautiful paintings and memorabilia of Italy inside the restaurant. I felt a bit of sadness and excitement. Europe is everybody’s dream. It is my dream. It is a dream set to become a reality, two years in the making. I could almost see the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the Colosseum of Rome, the piazza and palazzo of…Continue Reading “Dreaming of Europe at La Tegola Cucina Italiana, Cagayan de Oro”

Vienna Kaffeehaus Cagayan de Oro

I have been dreaming of Europe for quite some time now. I dreamed of seeing the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the Colosseum of Rome, the piazza and palazzo of Florence, the gondolas of Venice, the Duomo of Milan, the museums of Vienna, the historic buildings and cathedrals of Frankfurt, the castles of Heidelberg and other sights and spots that define Europe. Oh how I wish to be in Europe! My Euro dream was about to came true last year if not for my own mistakes…Continue Reading “Vienna Kaffeehaus: A Taste of Austria in Cagayan de Oro”