Travel Guide: Jomalig Island

On the easternmost part of Polilio Group is an unknown and unspoiled paradise of Jomalig, an island municipality of Quezon Province.

Jomalig (pronounced as humalig) is a sixth class municipality, consisting of five barangays and with a population of 6,111 based on 2007 census. The locals, “Jomaligins”, being so kind, are the pride of the island more than its striking scenery.


The town is surrounded by golden sand and turquoise water that is rich in marine life, where most locals get their livelihood. Their premier beach is situated in Salibungot (Sitio Burungawan), a long coastline of golden sand that is uniquely dotted with Agoho (Pine) trees and a sandbar on the other end during low tide.

The beauty of the island, the serenity of the place and its warm people are the charm of this lovely town. Experience Jomalig and fall in love in this golden paradise.

How to Get There

By Air

Jomalig has an airstrip, so it is possible to charter a plane to go to here.

By Land/Sea

Going to Jomalig is an adventurer’s treat especially if you go there by boat. There are three possible ways to get there by boats: via Real and Atimonan, Quezon; and Panganiban, Camarines Norte. These are not commercial boats but cargo vessels. Going there by boat is difficult from September to January due to huge waves.

Via Real

This  is the most common route since there are regular boats from Real that go to Jomalig. These boats ferry fish from Jomalig but  also allows passengers to board. The Jomalig bound boats are found in the docking station near the school (not in Puerto Real). They usually leave Real by noon for a five to six hour boat ride. Fare is at P200.00, that usually includes fisherman’s meal.

If you miss the boat to Jomalig, you may opt to catch a boat to its neighboring island of Patnanungan, and then charter a boat to Jomalig from there.

Going to Real via public transport, catch an Infanta bus bound in Legarda Manila. Raymond Bus Line has round-a-clock schedule for Infanta/Real for a four to five hour bus ride passing to Rizal Province, Siniloan and Famy, Laguna. Ordinary bus fare is at P165.00. Get off at the docking station near the school before the Puerto Real port.

Alternatively, there are vans located near Raymond Bus Terminal, fare is P180.00. Travel time is three to four hours.

Via Atimonan

Boats to Jomalig from Atimonan ferry copra, but unlike Real, the ferry services from this point are irregular and not on daily basis. Travel time from Atimonan to Jomalig takes six to seven hours.

From Manila, Atimonan is accessible by land transportation. Buses going to southern towns of Quezon and Bicol pass to Atimonan. Travel time is approximately four hours. Once in the town, take a tricycle to go to the port.

Via Panganiban

Like Atimonan, boats to Jomalig from Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte have irregular ferry schedules although this is the closest entry point to Jomalig from mainland Luzon. Travel time takes three to four hours.

Catch a bus going to Daet and get off at Talobatib Junction in Labo. From Talobatib Junction, you can ride a bus going to Panganiban, bus fare is less than P50.00. Travel time from Manila to Talobatib is approximately six to seven hours, and from Talobatib to Panganiban is around an hour to an hour-and-a-half.

Where to Stay

There are no hotels in the town, and the only place where tourists can rent a room is in Tejada’s Place in Sitio Landing. They have rooms for P500.00 per night (with toilet and bath) and P300.00 for rooms with common toilet and bath. It is owned by Tatay Rudy Tejada, a town councilor and his wife Nanay Aida Tejada, they are very warm, accommodating and very kind. Tejada’s Place is along the beach with a great view of sunset. Contact No: 09399027532

Camping along the beach is also allowed, but bring your own camping equipments.


Being there is a great escape from chaotic city living. Sit on the sand, see the sunset, enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the place, kill time, mingle with the people. Jomalig is a paradise, a golden paradise. Other activities to enjoy your stay in Jomalig are:

  • Swimming and Beach Hopping (Sitio Burungawan is a must visit place)
  • Snorkeling
  • See the mangroves in Sitio Landing
  • Fishing
  • Camping/Picnic


Going to Jomalig is already an adventure, a worthy adventure. Boat ride can be rough at times and generally rough during the ‘ber’ months up to January. The boats are cargo vessels so don’t expect a designed passenger space. Try riding on top of the boat, it is a great experience. When the water gets rough, find your own place inside.

Meals aboard are fisherman’s meal and designed for cowboy people, otherwise prepare and pack your own meals.

Electricity on the island is up from 6 PM to 1 AM only. Globe and Smart have mobile signals.














183 Comments on “Travel Guide: Jomalig Island

  1. whats the update number for tatay rudy and nanay aida?planning to go there on april 10 2015

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  3. Is it safe to go here by this September coming up? We do not care about the travel time for real. Our main concern is the weather since September still consider as a rainy season and lots of unexpected LPA, we do not want to experience another epic fail trip lol.. Another thing, 12 noon lang ba talaga umaalis ang bangka? Do they have early schedules?

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  5. thanks for this blog u can help us alot to advertise and sell our properties in jomalig.. for any inquiries pls email me @ and ill show u around the beautiful paradise of jomalig..

  6. hi thanx for publishing our place actually 1 of the scene i saw is my mothers property.. and we are selling it right now.. we have thousand of coconut trees and a river along the sea.. it can be develop as a beach resort and my mother told me she knows tatay rudy u can also ask tatay rudy about my mother julia domingo..2morow we will be there to visit and to prepare everything since we are selling it any possible buyers or if interested u can call me at 09062468681.. i also wanted to post some pics but i dont know where..tnx alot joanna..

    • my mother corrected me its not just one pic actually most pic along the sea is ours..

    • Hi Joanna. I found Jomalig as a beautiful and peaceful place. I am interested learn more details about the property that you are selling. Can you please respond to me by email with the following information: Location in Jomalig, land size, special land features, trees, fruits, etc. A lot of clear pictures will help. And lastly how much?

      Please email me at: or

      Dino Amador

      • gud day to u sir…sorry for late reply i was just haing troubles with my internet,anyway..u can check the page named project canaway on facebook i uploaded some pictures of jomalig..and just to unform u my parents just got there last saturday aug.23.. for copras, and if u want u can meet them up..

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  8. Hi bro! I find your blogs very helpful at eto ang unang puntahan ko pag dating sa tips when it comes to beach travel. So many thanks!! hehe. I’m planning to go here on the 1st week of July… alone! Busy lahat ng friends ko eh! hehe! Any tips for a first time lone traveler going to this place?

    • hi sir just want to give u some advise..its actually much better to travel on summer till june since u will be travelling in the sea..and if u wish u can also visit our place there in jomalig our place is called canaway that island showned in the pic..and u can visit our relatives there and help us sell our properties hehe..tnx..

      • Is it safe to go to jomalig in January? Is there any boat going to Jomalig from Patnanungan? We are planning to visit Polilio, Patnanungan and Jomalig on January 2015.

  9. looking forward explore this place, let me know kung meron pupunta, willing aq sumabit hehehe thanks!

      • Oi pre, hehehe! Si Tatay Rudy/Nanay Aida lang kilala ko dun. Nasa taas yung contact :-)

        • hoping u can come with us 2morow ill show u around canaway..and help us advertise our properties..since we are selling it..we’ll be there for a week..u can contact me if u got there..heres my number, 09062468681..

    • hi sir we will be visiting our place in jomalig tomorow were going to stay there for a week if u got there u can contact me and ill show u around then u can help us to advertise it and find a buyer since we are selling our properties..tnx u can contact me @ 09062468681..our place is actually more beautiful than boracay..

      • Hi. Im planning to explore the beaches in quezon province. Im a solo traveller. I tried to call the nos. but they’re inactive. Help :) im from alabang.

  10. looking forward to visit this place soon, any contact number that I can get? thanks in advance!

  11. good day! :))

    architecture student po ako, tanong ko lan po kung available pa po ung # ni tatay rudy tejada? ano po ung new # nia? gusto po namin pumunta ngayong friday (dec. 20, 2013) na po for our Design Project. pls. reply po asap~

    thank you and God Bless~ :))

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  14. plan 2 return(jomalig) this coming june, with my barkadas,hope power supply generates 24/7.bitin kc ang kantahan eh.he he.

  15. Hi~ I wanna ask if you know the days when there are boats going to Jomalig Island from Atimonan. Is it possible on weekends of July? How much is the fare per person or per boat? Thanks and I wish to see your reply soon! :D God bless your journeys!

  16. hi i would like to ask po kung available pa ung accomodation sa tejada’s family.. and ung no. po na pwdeng contakin cla. thank you.. i’ll love to go and explore new beaches thank you

  17. Hi lakwatsero,
    Iaman avid reader of your blog.Amplannig to go to Jomalig. Existing parin ba ang place to stay there? Thanks

    • Hi Mercy! Thanks for reading my blogs :) Yep, existing pa din siya. I updated the number early this year since nagchange sila ng number. Say hi to Tita Aida for me :) Enjoy Jomalig :)

      • Lakwatsero hi,
        i have several inquiries:
        1) if we get to the port via Real by noon time, are we assured that there’s boat ready for sailing to Jomalig? how many boat trips in a day?
        2) are there enough life vests for passengers?
        3) …7 hours on boat … what did you do while sailing?
        4) what’s the ideal no. bags to carry with us? would 2 backpacks per passenger not cause overload?
        Jomalig is my dream destination…

        • Hi Chi,

          To answer your questions:

          1. No guarantee since there is no regular public boat going there, you will only be riding with the local fisherman’s boat (if any). But usually, there’s one daily, and they usually leave on or before midday since Jomalig is around 6 hours journey
          2. None.
          3. Slept.
          4. Travel light. I only had one backpack with me.

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