Jomalig: The Golden Sand of Salibungot Beach


The Philippines is well known for its beautiful beaches. Being a country made up of islands and having one of the longest coastlines in the world, it is no surprise that its coast will definitely be painted with amazing shores. White, cream and gray sand beaches are the typical ones, pink and black sand are quite rare, but golden sand is definitely strange and different!

Salibungot Beach’s unique golden sand

In the remote island of Jomalig in Quezon Province’s Polilio Group, golden sandy beach is a normal sight. But for the rest of the world, such beach is different, as different as the island’s name.

Jomalig is an island municipality enveloped by quaintness and simplicity. Situated in Lamon Bay and facing the vast Pacific Ocean, it is the farthermost and easternmost island in the Polilio Group. Strange as it sounds, the town’s name is pronounced as “humalig“, from the Tagalog word “humalik” or “kissed” which is said to be derived from a local folktale,  a love story legend.

The turquoise water and the long stretch of golden bead-like sand of Salibungot Beach

But Jomalig’s strangeness is not only on its name but also on its feature. The island is surrounded with unique golden shores of bead-like sand and beautiful turquoise water. The island’s premier beach is named Salibungot in the western coastal village of Burungawan. It is a long coastline of golden sand uniquely dotted with Agoho trees and a sandbar on one end during low tide. There is no huge crowd, no party scene, no commercial establishment, only you and nature at its raw state.

Agoho trees dot the beach

Time passes unnoticed in Salibungot Beach where watching the sunset, listening to the sound of the waves and enjoying the water are simple pleasures that await. Here, life is quaint yet joyful. There may not be an easy way of going here but seeing its unique beauty and experiencing its unique charm make the strenuous journey truly worth it.

Uniquely beautiful!

For information on going to Salibungot Beach and Jomalig Island, please visit Lakwatsero’s Jomalig Travel Guide


  1. Kendra

    Hi po. Is there a better way to reach directly to Salibungot beach kaya?

    I heard na sa Real Palengke daw cargo boats ang meron instead na sa Ungos port? Kasi pag sa Ungos daw ay sa Talisoy port ang baba then habal going Salibungot pa.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. tintin

    meron po bang malapit na resort na pwedeng mag stay for 3days and 2 nights na malapit sa salibungot island? thank you we need po reply asap salamat ng marami.

  3. Bo Razon

    Love your blog. You remind me of me, 20-30 years ago. 🙂

    a fellow global nomad travel bugger 😉

  4. Michelle

    Hi, please help to give more details on how to get there?I am coming from Cavite, how much the cost of the accommodation. Is the place good for children?

    Thank you

  5. I have a scheduled trip here in two weeks and I am more excited to visit Jomalig after seeing your pictures!


  6. Have fun in jomalig where i came from!! Enjoy the white sand and very clear salt water.
    Surahan fish is also so delicious…

  7. Nicey

    Been to several beaches this summer and Jomalig TOPS the list!!! Best beach and very accommodating people. The island is so beautiful that I want to keep it on my own. If you are planning to visit the island, please bring “pasalubong” to the children and they’ll be very delighted. Also, don’t hesitate to mingle with the people. They are very kind. We are planning to go back very soon (hopefully by end of May or mid-June) to bring back to the people of Jomalig. 🙂

  8. melborne

    Jomali humanda ka parating na ako its my 3rd time in jomalig…..
    Srap ng lambanog at isda….

    1. nicey

      Hi.. How much po kaya budget from Manila to Jomalig for 3d 2n? Thank you.

      1. catey

        try joining a tiur, 3k all in

        1. carlo

          Kailan po sir , interested po ako mag join if ever. Thanks

      2. jc

        Mag kano po budget dito? From Manila to jomalig? For 2 days 1 night?

  9. Batang Gala

    Beautiful! I hope to visit Jomalig again in 2016.

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