Corregidor in a Walk to Remember


At times, in search for new horizons, we tend to overlook the places that are well within our reach in a hope of finding new treasures in places beyond our sights can easily see. Such was the case for me and Corregidor, and I felt pity and ashamed of myself who claims to have been in the far flung places in the countryside.

Corregidor’s proximity lured me away.

Despite its proximity to my hometown Manila, Corregidor was uncharted territory for me. Admittedly, its nearness lured me away. But an invitation from Ivan Man Dy of Old Manila Walks broke the wall that separates my world to this island that is full of real treasures.

It was a tour different from the conventional, a walking tour which Ivan said was an intimate way to know the historic island. For a first timer like me it was a great way to know and discover Corregidor.

Ivan Man Dy’s walking tour of Corregidor was my first time in the island.

The fully booked catamaran left the Sun Cruises’ Ferry Terminal of Cultural Center Complex at eight in the morning and traveled for two hours to the mouth of Manila Bay where Corregidor sits. At the port of the island, the parked trams were already waiting for the tourists. Along with other travel bloggers and members of the press, we filled up one tram. Majority in our group wasn’t first timer, but they were equally excited of the tour.

It was a busy day in Corregidor, there were bikers, the regular tourists on trams and us in the walking tour. We were lucky that the weather cooperated, blue sky prevailed which means we were off to a sunny walking tour.

The ruins of Corregidor Cinema

Our group converged at the lighthouse and went on to tour the center of the island for two hours where most of the declassified information and other interesting stories are concentrated. We walked from the Lighthouse to the Spanish Flagpole, Central Office, Corregidor Cinema, Mile-Long Barracks, Battery Way, Hospital, Post Exchange, Brotherhood Monument and ended up in Pacific War Memorial. To pinch your curiosity, I will leave the details of the tour to Ivan and his deep knowledge of Corregidor.

The usual Corregidor Tram Tour with the Mile-Long Barracks on the background
The Corregidor Walking Tour Group at Battery Way

I was astonished by the stories of Corregidor and although some of it are not new to me, hearing it from animated Ivan himself coupled with other interesting facts is truly a great way to relive, discover, rediscover and fall in love with the island.

We were treated to a sumptuous buffet lunch at Corregidor Inn after the tour and with some time to spare, we had a quick tour of Malinta Tunnel.

The graffitis on the walls of the ruins of Corregidor Hospital tell a story

Of Bombs, Big Guns and Lost Gold“, the newest walking tour offering of Old Manila Walks in collaboration with Sun Cruises is a tour I can recommend. It was worth the sweat because I really enjoyed every minute of it. I guess a little bit of sweating is really necessary to intimately know Corregidor.

For first timer, I personally think that it is a great way to discover the island. And for those who have been there, it is one good reason to revisit and rediscover Corregidor.

Brothers in Arms?

“Of Bombs, Big Guns and Lost Gold” is expected to go public this February. The tour costs P1999 per person inclusive of the ferry and tram ride, but exclusive of the meal and Malinta Tunnel tour. For more information, trip schedule, booking and reservation, check out Old Manila Walks website or Facebook page.


  1. Interesting! My father was born and raised in Bataan and ironically he/the whole fam hasn’t been to Corregidor. Gotta check out their latest tour so I could join! 🙂

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