White Water Rafting at CDO!

Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro City, the City of Golden Friendship and the regional hub for Northern Mindanao is also the white water rafting adventure capital of the Philippines. Cliche as it is,  but it is definitely true that you’ve never been to CDO if you haven’t tried riding on its wild rapids.

Cagayan de Oro is the white water rafting adventure capital of the Philippines

Approximately 22 kilometers of the river’s stretch is where the actions take place. It consists of more than 25 rapids of up to class 5, or practically for almost all levels of rafters, from beginner, advance and even extreme. You can decide if you want it super wild or modestly mild, unlimited flips or surprisingly dry, but whatever you choose, one thing is guaranteed, a day of fun in the river.

You’ve never been to CDO if you haven’t tried riding on its rapids

Today, the number of operators are consistently growing due to constantly increasing number of tourists, newbies and returners, who want to experience the different fun in the river. To date, the operators are:

It is also here where you can find the cheapest rates among all white water rafting destinations in the country. Another good thing here is that, the prices are standardized by the local government. Beginner course is as low as P700.00 per person exclusive of meals; Advance courses(1 and 2) are at P1200.00 and P1500.00 per pax; Extreme at P2000.00. Various packages, twists, inclusions and promotions are being offered by these operators so better contact them beforehand.

Every flip is an extreme experience

White water rafting in Cagayan de Oro River is truly a must experience. Never ever miss this in your itinerary. Be ready to get wet. The flips, bruises and the adrenalin rush are part of the experience, not to mention the unlimited supply of river water – drink all you can 🙂

Paddle hard everyone!

Be ready to flip and get wet!


  1. helen sy

    how much is the white river and dahilayan tour package?

  2. sammy

    your blog is a big help for us first timer goint to travel to cdo- bukidnon-camiguin…thanks sa blog na ito..sana meron din mga accomodation kung san may cheaper suggest lang

  3. Justin

    Hi Admin,

    I’d like to inform you that Kagay’s official website is http://www.kagaycagayandeororafting.com/

    May I request that the website listed on this page be replaced with the one I’ve mentioned above?

    That’d be highly appreciated from our end.


    Justin K

    1. justin k

      Hello, Can we request that the website of kagay be replaced with kagaycagayandeororafting.com?

      Thank you!

  4. Maganda ba ung Bugsay! ganda ng site nila eh

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  6. yay! kuhang kuha ang pagflip ah! 🙂 its a nice experience indeed

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  8. shen

    Hi!nice blog! i read it every now and then especially if i’m going somehere para sa mga tips. 🙂 i just would like to ask if nagpackage tour ka sa cdo?and sino outfitters nyo sa white water rafting?thank you and good day!

    1. Hi Shen, i usually go with First White Water Rafting Tour (Mang Rupert and company) for the river ride. But I also tried last month the White Water + Dahilayan Zip package with meals and transportation which I find very cheap, convenient and reasonable price, and their river guides are fun to be with. Wait, I forgot the operator of that package, I will post it later 🙂

    2. Shen, it’s Great Whitewater Tours , they have Dahilayan and White Water Rafting Package, sobrang okay nung package.

      1. ella

        so mgkano ung package na rafting w/zipline? advanced nba ung rafting o begginers lng?

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