Ditumabo Falls, the Mother Falls of San Luis, Aurora!

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They call it Mother Falls, simply because it is the grandest of all waterfalls located in the vicinity, a majestic natural attraction of Baler, Aurora!

Ditumabo Falls, the Mother Falls of San Luis

Geographically speaking, Mother Falls is situated in the town of San Luis, a neigboring town of Baler, specifically in Barangay Ditumabo, where the waterfalls got its name. But its proximity to Baler makes it an ideal sidetrip when visiting the surfing capital of Eastern Luzon.

The lush green trail to Ditumabo Falls

Towering at around 140 feet and with the cold water from the highland of Sierra Madre Mountain Range, Ditumabo Falls is an imposing icon of the province. The freely cascading water drops into a wide rocky basin forming a natural pool ideal for swimming.

But getting to Ditumabo Falls is not a walk in the park. From Baler, one needs to ride a tricycle or a van to get to Barangay Ditumabo and trek for approximately an hour to see the waterfalls. It is not an easy trek, it involves river crossings and the trail is generally rough and rocky (and quite slippery specially after the rain), but it is one rewarding trek.

River and boulder crossing to the waterfalls

Cliche as it may sound, but your trip to Baler is not complete without trekking to Ditumabo Falls.

A tricycle tour of Baler with a stop at Ditumabo Falls can be arranged for as low as P700 (March 2013 rate) for a trike that can sit at most four passengers. The tour also includes stops to other attractions around Baler such as Baler Museum, Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon House, Baler Church and Plaza, Ermita Hill, Fish Port, Lukso-Lukso Islet, Añao Islet, Diguisit Falls and the Old Balete Tree.

For more formation on Baler, see Lakwatsero’s Baler Travel Guide.

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  1. This is one of the best falls I’ve seen. Though it’s a bit crowded during peak season. I hope there would be enough sitting space for those who’d not be swimming at at the falls.

  2. Hi, i am compiling some descriptions to some destinations/ tourist sites of interest for Baler, may I ask permission to use your site as a resource, thanks, may you be safe in your travels.

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