Anini-y: One of Antique’s Brightest Spots

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On the southernmost tip of Panay Island lies Anini-y, a coastal municipality of the Province of Antique, an emerging heritage and eco-tourism hot spot.

Anini-y is unpretentious and laid back. With its rich natural resources and beautiful scenery, the town is a perfect synergy of bounty and beauty, and it holds a promise of brighter tourism landscape for the province which is generally out of the usual tourist radar. Needless to say, Anini-y is among, if not the brightest spot of Antique!

Bask in the white sand beach of Nogas and Lisub, go scuba diving in the waters surrounding the town, feel the warm water of Siraan Hot Spring, see the lighthouse of Nogas and the centuries old church of Saint John, visit the rice terraces in the highland barangay of Igtumarom, trek Mount Paluli-an or Mount Aliw-liw, explore and discover more of its unexplored attractions!

This slideshow is a glimpse of the many colors of Anini-y, a place worthy of a visit.