Sadanga: The Imposing Anabel Rice Terraces

Anabel Rice Terraces

Anabel Rice Terraces

Sadanga, Mountain Province

The Cordillera Region is best known for its rice terraces, hand-carved mountain slopes that appear to be stairways to the sky. Among the most popular are those found in towns of Banaue, Mayoyao, Kiangan and Hungduan in Ifugao that are inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as those in Sagada, Mountain Province.

Not everyone knows that there are other rice terraces scattered in the region that are equally beautiful than the famous ones. Some are tucked in the remote areas that are rarely visited by tourists and carefully preserved by time like those in the town of Sadanga, Mountain Province.

Located north of Bontoc, Sadanga is a typical highland town that relies on the bounty of its rich soil. Its mountainous landscape is home to some of the offbeat rice terraces that are majestic on their own right including this one found in the village of Anabel. The Anabel Rice Terraces can be seen along the main road that connects Tinglayan and Bontoc.

But aside from the rice terraces of Anabel, there are more vast wide terraces in the village of Betwagan, Belwang, Bikigan and Sacasacan, which are extensions of the rice terraces found in the villages of Mainit, Guinaang and Maligcong in Bontoc.