Snapshot: The Lonely Sentinel of Cabra Island

Cabra Lighthouse

Cabra Island Lighthouse

Lubang, Occidental Mindoro

It was a long and strenuous trip from Manila to Lubang, a small town in the far end of Verde Island Passage. The town, politically under the jurisdiction of the province of Occidental Mindoro, is too near yet too far, they say. It was true.

Much of the town is still undeveloped and rural, quaint and laid back. It was in my bucket list anyway, for there is something in the island that was telling me to go there – the century old lighthouse of Cabra Island.

On one warm and sunny day of April, I finally crossed out Lubang in my bucket list. I went there alone, in an spontaneous trip, to continue my quest to see all the old lighthouses in the Philippines. And there she was, proud but sad, standing majestically in the dry land of Cabra Island, a beautiful old lighthouse – Faro de Isla Cabras!


  1. Gina T. Julaton

    May I also be allowed to share it in my wall.

  2. Gina T. Julaton

    Thanks for visiting Lubang.

    Please allow me to use some of your photos. Thanks and regards!

  3. Karen de Leon

    May we borrow your photo or our advertisement here at TITANIUM TRAVEL & TOURS?

    Thank you!
    Karen de Leon

  4. Cheng

    Hello Lakwatsero! upon reading your year end entry 2013, I was so thrilled that you came to our Island, I am from the town of Lubang Mindoro. I hope you could come back and explore some other beaches there, our island is sooo beautiful 😀

    1. Lakwatsero

      Thanks Cheng! I will definitely go back to Lubang! Hope to see the beaches and the trail of Onoda when I return! 🙂

  5. viviene

    Hi! Nice article about lubang… Just want to ask if you have any plans to return to lubang, I can give you the contact person of Lubang tourism council.

    1. Lakwatsero

      Thanks Viviene! Yes, I definitely plan to return. I tried contacting the tourism council last summer but I got no reply. Thankfully, I got the number of Mr. Jaime Villegas who provided some information that I needed.

  6. waaaaaahhh! andaya.

    1. Lakwatsero

      Balik tayo 🙂
      Di ko pa napuntahan ang onoda trail and ang beaches ng Looc 🙂

      1. Kix

        i know it’s sad to see the lighthouse in that state.thanks for your time and effort!

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