Iloilo: Concepcion’s Offbeat Beaut



Iloilo, Philippines
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Approximately three hours from Iloilo City and Roxas City is the town of Concepcion, a laid back coastal town dotted with white sand island beaches and sandbars that are scattered over the beautiful gradient of blue of Concepcion Bay and Visayan Sea. It is a small chunk of paradise overshadowed by Gigantes Islands of Carles in the north, generally offbeat yet equally sublime.

Bask under the tropical sun of Agho, Sipol or Malangaba Islands; feel the earth under your feet at Bulubadiangan Sandbar; trek Pan de Azucar; swim on its azure water; watch the breathtaking sunrise and sunset; feast on its bounty; or go free diving into its vivid depth.

The offbeat beaut of Concepcion Islands beckons! Let this slideshow take you there!

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