Buruwisan Falls and Other Waterfalls of Mount Romelo

Mt Romelo

Nested at the foot of Sierra Madre is the town of Siniloan, the north-easternmost town of the province of Laguna. It is home to numerous waterfalls including Buruwisan Falls that lie along its different river systems, thus it is only befitting to be called “The Waterfalls Sanctuary of Eastern Laguna.”

Siniloan is known to have at least thirteen waterfalls and perhaps more that are yet to be exposed to public attention. The most popular ones are tucked in the slope of Mount Romelo, the southwest border of Sierra Madre Mountain Range.

With summit elevation of only 240 meters above sea level, trekking Mount Romelo is relatively an easy feat and yet a rewarding one. This small mountain, more of a hill, hides a lot of beautiful surprises in the form of its majestic cascades. There are at least nine waterfalls in this area, most are just fifteen to thirty minutes trek from the camp site, but we got to visit only seven of them all in less than P900 from Manila, overnight.

So let’s get to know these seven!


Buruwisan Falls

Distance from the campsite: Approximately 10-15 minutes trek.
Difficulty: Easy.

The most accessible waterfalls from the campsite, Buruwisan Falls is the most famous and possibly the most beautiful waterfalls in Mount Romelo. It along Siniloan River, with the water cascading from a height of approximately fifty meters into large natural pool.


Lanzones Falls

Distance from the campsite: Approximately 15 minutes trek.
Difficulty: Easy.

Siniloan 02
Not far from Buruwisan Falls is Lanzones Falls, just few meters away. It is quite smaller in size but it has its own distinct charm. The water drops from a height of approximately thirty meters to a small shallow pool before meeting with the water of Buruwisan falls.


Sampaloc Falls

Distance from the campsite: Approximately 20 minutes trek.
Difficulty: Moderate.
Siniloan 03
Another towering waterfalls in Mount Romelo is the majestic Sampaloc Falls. Situated upstream of Buruwisan falls, it towers at approximately forty feet with the water dropping to another huge circular basin. The trail going here is dotted with Durian trees, it’s your lucky day if you chance upon some ripe ones.


Diwata Falls

Distance from the campsite: Approximately 30 minutes trek.
Difficulty: Moderate.

Diwata Falls is among the least visited waterfalls in Mount Romelo. It is just a small cascade located at the top of Sampaloc Falls with small yet quite deep catch basin.


Batya-Batya Falls

Distance from the campsite: Approximately 15 minutes trek.
Difficulty: Easy.
Siniloan 04

The two-level Batya-Batya Falls is pretty amazing at it is composed of two small cascades that drop into circular tub-like basins thus Batya-Batya. Also known as Guiling-Guiling Falls, it is situated upstream of Buruwisan Falls and downstream of Sampaloc Falls. The best approach is to trek drown from Sampaloc Falls to the upper cascade down to the lower one.


Sapang Labo Falls

Distance from the campsite: Approximately 25 minutes trek.
Difficulty: Easy.
Siniloan 06

Another offbeat waterfalls in the area, Sapang Labo is located at the east of Buruwisan Falls. It is made up of two levels, the upper level is approximately five meters high with small and shallow catch basin while the second is at around two meters with larger yet shallow basin.


Binaytuan Falls

Distance from the campsite: Approximately 30-45 minutes trek.
Difficulty: Hard.
Siniloan 07A
Also known as Old Buruwisan, Binaytuan Falls is a towering cascade at approximately fifty to sixty meters. But unlike the other waterfalls in the area, the trail going here is quite a challenge specially during rainy season. It also lies along Siniloan River, downstream of Buruwusin Falls.

And more…

Aside from these seven, there are two other known waterfalls in Mount Romelo – Sebakon Falls which is said to be further downstream of Binaytuan Falls and the very challenging Twin Falls where very few dare to visit due to its difficulty.

How to go to Buruwisan Falls and Mount Romelo

From Manila, catch a Raymond bus going to Infanta at their Legarda Terminal and ask to be dropped at Barangay Macatad, Siniloan. Fare is approximately P140 per person, one-way. Travel time is approximately three (3) hours.

From Rizal area, take the Siniloan jeep at their terminal in front of Robinsons Cainta/Big R/Junction, fare is P83 and travel time is around two (2) hours. From Siniloan town proper, catch a van or a jeep to Real or Infanta and ask to be dropped off at Macatad / Buruwisan, fare  is around P25, travel time is approximately 30 minutes.

Walk for approximately 15 minutes from the main highway to Barangay Hall for registration. Registration fee is P50 per person. Guide is required and readily available at Barangay Hall, rate is P300 per day. From Barangay Hall, the campsite is at about two hours of trekking.


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