Hitachi Seaside Park: Quick Guide from Tokyo and Narita

Hitachi Seaside Park

There has been much of discussion on how to commute from downtown Tokyo to Hitachi Seaside Park. The usual route is train via JR Joban Line from Ueno to Katsuta Station in Ibaraki where one can transfer to local bus that goes to Hitachi Seaside Park’s entrance. While the said mode of transport is true and provides greater flexibility on schedule, truth is, it is not the cheapest and the fastest way of commuting from Tokyo to Hitachi Seaside Park and vice versa. The direct bus is!

Hitachi Seaside Park
Cherry Blossom in Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park is situated in the city of Hitachinaka in Ibaraki Prefecture of Japan. Covering an area of about 200 hectares, it features blooming flowers all year round such as Tulips and Narcissus in spring, Nemophila in summer, Zinnia in summer and Cosmos in autumn. But aside from the flower gardens, the park also includes cycling trails and track, mini-golf course and an amusement park.

Here’s a documentation on how to go to Hitachi Seaside Park from Tokyo for those planning to spend a day there.

Hitachi Seaside Park
The main entrance of Hitachi Seaside Park

From Tokyo by Bus (Direct to Hitachi Seaside Park)

An Ibaraki Kotsu Highway Express bus goes straight from the bus terminal at Yaesu South Entrance of Tokyo Station. The lone bus that stops at Hitachi Seaside Park departs at 1030AM daily for almost two hours of travel. One-way fare is Y2,100 while the round-trip tickets cost cheaper at Y3,800, additional Y200 is collected at the bus per trip. The return trip stops at Hitachi Seaside Park bus stop at around 441PM.

Please note that Hitachi Seaside Park is not the final stop of the bus as it goes to other stops in Ibaraki. The return trip also comes from this station.

Hitachi Seaside Park
Yellow Narcissus Hill

Tickets can be purchased at JR Bus Ticket Sales Office located in Yaesu South Entrance of Tokyo Station, right in front of the bus terminal.

Option A: Tokyo Station (bus) – Hitachi Seaside Park (~2 hours)

Hitachi Seaside Park
Miharashi Hill
Hitachi Seaside Park
The amphitheater

From Ueno Station by Train and Bus (At Least One Transfer)

For those aiming to visit the Hitachi Seaside Park in the morning, as it opens 930AM, train is the best option!

The faster Limited Express train with reserved seating and costs at least Y4,300 will bring you to Katsuta Station. Travel time is almost 1.5 hours.

The cheaper yet slower alternative by train involves two transfers via local train of Japan Railways’ Joban Line from Ueno Station to Mito Station that takes almost two hours. From Mito Station, transfer to another local train to Katsuta Station in Iberaki Prefecture, travel time is approximately 6 minutes. Total fare for the entire journey (one-way) is about Y2,800.

There are local buses from Katsuta Station to the park’s entrance with departure almost every 15 minutes on peak time.

Alternatively, you can take another train from Katsuta Station to Ajigaura Station which is just 20 minutes walk to the park’s south entrance.

Option B: Ueno Station (train) – Katsuta Station (bus) – Hitachi Seaside Park (~1.5 hours)
Option C: Ueno Station (train) – Mito Station (train) – Katsuta Station (bus) – Hitachi Seaside Park (~2 hours)
Option D: Ueno Station (train) – Mito Station (train) – Katsuta Station (train) – Ajigaura Station (walk) – Hitachi Seaside Park (~2 hours)

Hitachi Seaside Park
BMX and MTB Track with the Ferris Wheel on the background

From Narita Airport by Bus (One Transfer)

For those coming from Narita International Airport, the Narita Airport Line of Ibaraki Kotsu Bus operates from the airport to Japan Railways’ Katsuta Station, travel time is about two hours and 20 minutes. From Katsuta Station, there are local buses to the park’s entrance with departure almost every 15 minutes on peak time.

Option E: Narita Airport (bus) – Katsuta Station (bus) – Hitachi Seaside Park (~2.5 hours)


  1. simyen

    I’m planning to go there from Shinjuku. Is JR pass cover all the stations to the destination?

  2. Vita

    Hi, thank you for your info. I’m planning to go to Hitachi Seaside Park on 19 April to see the baby blue flowers. However, my JR pass has been expired on that day and i’m looking for cheapest alternative way to go there. According to your article, there was Ibaraki Kotsu Highway Express which directly transfer from Tokyo station to the park. Can you suggest me how to purchase the ticket and is it possible to purchase in advance?

    Please kindly advice and thank you

  3. zack

    Hi, for the direct route from tokyo does the round-way ticket for only a day or any way as in if I want to stay at Ibaraki for a day can I but ticket Tokyo to Hitachi Seapark for today and the Hitachi Seapark to Tokyo the next day.

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