Fortune Island Travel Guide: The Greek Side of Batangas

Fortune Island

Located off the coast of the town of Nasugbu in Batangas is Fortune Island, a 27-hectare private property which is fast becoming a go-to place for those aiming a quick island escapade specially for those living in Metro Manila and Southern Tagalog.

Fortune Island boasts of white sand beaches and rocky cliffs on the backdrop of its rich turquoise waters. But the island’s most prominent feature is the ruins of old columns and statues that aptly resemble the Parthenon of Greece! These ruins are remnants of a resort in the late 80’s. Today, the ruins are the icons that provide unique character to the place… icons that exude that “Parthenon” feels!

Fortune Island
Parthenon feels!

How Fortune Island got its name is also a classic tale. A Spanish galleon San Diego sunk near the island and a vast amount of treasure was recovered when its ship wreck was discovered in 1992. These include valuable ceramics, stoneware jars, earthenware potteries, Japanese samurai swords, important metals and stones, navigational compass, maritime astrolabe and silver coins, among others. Majority of the ceramic wares recovered were intact and many pieces were still restorable. The fortune brought by the discovery of San Diego Galleon paved the way for the island’s present name.

Just around three hours away from the hustle and bustle of Manila, who would have thought that such a place exists? With its white sandy beach, ragged and rocky cliffs, lovely turquoise water, classic ruins, vivid marine life and all the fun, adventures and surprises that await, Fortune Island should be in your bucket list.

Fortune Island
The beach of Fortune Island

How to Get to Fortune Island

Manila to Nasugbu

Catch a bus or van from Buendia, Cubao, Coastal Mall or Alabang to Nasugbu or Calatagan and get off at Nasugbu Terminal. Travel time is two to three hours, fare ranges from P130 to P160.

Nasugbu to Fortune Island

From Nasugbu Terminal, transfer to a tricycle to Barangay Wawa for a trravel time is around 10 minutes, fare is P10 per person or P50 per trike. Boats to Fortune Island are docked at Barangay Wawa, travel time is approximately one to 1.5 hours, boat rate ranges from P3,500 to P4,000 on a day trip, good for 10 persons. No need for advanced reservation as there are lots of boats there.

Fortune Island
Sunset at Barangay Wawa overlooking Fortune Island

Going Around and Away

The boat you chartered can take you around the island to snorkel, free dive or cliff jump. If you are doing a day trip, best to sail back not later than 5PM.

Going back to Metro, just flag a trike in Wawa to Nasugbu Terminal, buses and vans are almost round-the-clock.

Where to Stay in Fortune Island

Cottages and tents are available in the island if you wish to stay overnight. Cottage rental starts at P1,000 while tent is at P400 overnight. Entrance fee to the island is P350/person for day tour and P400/person if overnight.

You may also opt to stay in Fortune Island Dive Resort in Barangay Wawa for as low as P2,500/night on air-conditioned room for two or in the resorts and hotels in Nasugbu.

Recommended Accommodation in Nasugbu

Club Punta Fuego

Club Punta Fuego
Balaytigui, Nasugbu
Starts at 6,000 PHP


Canyon Cove

Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa
Natipuan, Nasugbu
Starts at 3,000 PHP


Pico Sands Hotel

Pico Sands Hotel
Pico de Loro Cove, Nasugbu
Starts at 5,500 PHP


Centro Royale Hotel

Centro Royale Hotel
Barangay 11, Nasugbu
Starts at 1,300 PHP


Fortune Island
Go cliff jumping!

What to Do in Fortune Island

  • Beach bumming
  • Cliff jumping
  • Snorkeling and free diving
  • Scuba diving
  • Camping
  • Beach games (frisbee, beach volleyball, etc.)
  • Sunrise/sunset watching
  • Astrophotography
  • Photo-ops in the ruins
Fortune Island
These ruins are remnants of old resort.

Fortune Island Sample Itinerary and Budget

Fortune Island Day Tour Itinerary
Budget: ~P1,500/person for a group of five

0330H: Meet-up in Buendia
0400H: Departure from Buendia to Nasugbu
0630H: Arrival in Nasugbu, breakfast, shop for supplies, proceed to Wawa
0800H: Boat to Fortune Island
0915H: Arrival in Fortune Island. Activities: trek to the ruins, cliff jumping
1200H: Lunch, siesta/rest
1400H: Activities: swimming, snorkeling/free diving, beach games
1600H: Return to Wawa
1730H: Back in Wawa, sunset, wash-up, snacks
1830H: Trike to Nasugbu
1900H: Arrival in Nasugbu, dinner
2000H: Bus from Nasugbu to Buendia LRT
2300H: Arrival in Buendia

Fortune Island
This spot is just a short trek from the beach!


  • Best months to go is during dry months or from November to June
  • Mobile signal is present in the island
  • There is no store or restaurant in the island so bring your own food, meds and other necessities
  • No electricity in the island

*Originally Published: 07-Jun-2014 | Updates: 09-Nov-2018; 29-Mar-2019 ; 17-Feb-2020


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