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Why Travel?

At one point in your life you will feel exhausted, bored and tired of your routinary life. When that day comes, just step out of your comfort box, move away from your usual self and see your life from different perspectives. Travel! Head out to the endless horizon and discover the world, go places and meet new faces, explore to understand new cultures, get lost to find yourself. In the end you will realize that traveling is not only about learning new cultures or meeting new friends or discovering new places, it also lets us discover our own culture, our limits, ourselves. It is a personal journey to self-discovery, because after all, it is only from the outside that we can look back in.

About Lakwatsero

Angel Juarez is a backpacker, adventure seeker, son of a beach, hobbyist photographer, scuba diver, aspiring marine conservation biologist, environment advocate, runner, mountain biker, budget traveler, seasonal mountaineer and newbie surfer. An Information Technology Analyst on workdays who speaks languages that only computers understand, but on weekends and holidays he is most probably underwater, on the saddle or out-of-town. He started chasing sunsets, waterfalls, lighthouses and extreme adventures as soon as he finished college and started blogging in May of 2006 under the web name Bleue. He decided to focus on Travel in March of 2008. He dreamed of documenting and sharing his adventures to the world, thus he created www.lakwatsero.com.

He also writes in www.visitsagada.com and www.padyak.ph.





  • Winner – Cebu Pacific Wandering Juan Travel Blog Awards (Sports and Adventure Category)


  • Nominee – Philippine Blog Awards (Best Travel Blog)


  • Finalist – Philippine Blog Awards (Best Travel Blog)


Lakwatsero.com is guided by the following missions:

  • To help tourists by providing information about different destinations
  • To guide budget travelers by providing cost-effective travel advise
  • To promote the Philippines by showcasing its different scenic spots
  • To document the Philippines and the world by capturing its beauty in stills and in narratives

Expect this site to feature not only photos and destinations that lakwatsero have been to but also foods, adventures, events and everything about life that is worth blogging.

For your comment, inquiries,  suggestion or other concerns, you may email me at angelcjuarez[at]gmail[dot]com or just leave a message at the comment page.

274 Comments on “About Me

  1. hello angel. have you planned a trip for the holy week? would like to join.

  2. Hi there Ma’am Angel.. I’m Arnold Felipe Manus a College Instructor in the University of Saint Louis-Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. Because of your explicit works and crafts. We want you to invite you as our speaker for our Regional Tourism Congress.. Hope you could come! Please give us your contact information. Here’s my contact number 09275593832. thanks!

  3. hi. is one full day on palaui island enough to see & experience everything it has to offer? my group is planning a 3-day stay in sta. ana. what itinerary could you recommend? would appreciate it. tnx!

  4. hi lakwatsero, where do you usually dive? do you know someone who can offer cheap price for beginners? hehe

  5. read and sen your blog.may i invite you to try and visit our barrio. the Batog beach and cabongaoan beach.almost virgin beaches.you can put up tents.
    hope to see you there.contact me,if you are interested.09275322861.

    • Can you send me pictures of your barrio? How to go there? And other amenities I can find in your place, like where to stay for the night when Im there?

  6. hello Lakwatsero! I love your blog! can i also join (if possible) if you have trips? hihi! :)

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