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At one point in your life you will feel exhausted, bored and tired of your routinary life. When that day comes, just step out of your comfort box, move away from your usual self and see your life from different perspectives. Travel! Head out to the endless horizon and discover the world, go places and meet new faces, explore to understand new cultures, get lost to find yourself. In the end you will realize that traveling is not only about learning new cultures or meeting new friends or discovering new places, it also lets us discover our own culture, our limits, ourselves. It is a personal journey to self-discovery, because after all, it is only from the outside that we can look back in.

Annapurna Base Camp

Who is Lakwatsero

Angel Juarez is a backpacker, adventure seeker, son of a beach, hobbyist photographer, scuba diver, aspiring marine conservation biologist, environment advocate, runner, mountain biker, budget traveler, seasonal mountaineer and newbie surfer. An Information Technology Analyst on workdays who speaks languages that only computers understand, but on weekends and holidays he is most probably underwater, on the saddle or out-of-town. He started chasing sunsets, waterfalls, lighthouses and extreme adventures as soon as he finished college and started blogging in May of 2006 under the web name Bleue. He decided to focus on Travel in March of 2008. He dreamed of documenting and sharing his adventures to the world, thus he created www.lakwatsero.com.

Angel and his works and photos have already been featured and published in various websites and publications including Yahoo, Skyscanner, Choose Philippines, Spot.ph, Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay Magazine, Cebu Pacific’s Smile Magazine, Lonely Planet Magazine, Health and Home Magazine, and Travel+Leisure Magazine.

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/thelakwatsero
Twitter: http://twitter.com/thelakwatsero
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thelakwatsero
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@thelakwatsero



  • Finalist: De La Salle Araneta University’s Gawad Lasallianeta – Most Outstanding Instagram Influencer


  • Finalist: Village Pipol Choice Award 2019 – Travel Infuencer of the Year








  • Winner: Cebu Pacific Wandering Juan Travel Blog Awards – Sports and Adventure Category


  • Nominee: Philippine Blog Awards – Best Travel Blog


  • Finalist: Philippine Blog Awards – Best Travel Blog



Lakwatsero.com is guided by the following missions:

  • To help tourists by providing information about different destinations
  • To guide budget travelers by providing cost-effective travel advise
  • To promote the Philippines by showcasing its different scenic spots
  • To document the Philippines and the world by capturing its beauty in stills and in narratives

Expect this site to feature not only photos and destinations where Lakwatsero have been to but also food, adventures, events and everything about life that is worth blogging.

For your comment, inquiries,  suggestion or other concerns, you may email me at angelcjuarez[at]gmail[dot]com or just leave a message at the comment section below.

About Lakwatsero.com

Lakwatsero.com, a partnership jointly owned by Angel Juarez and Kerwin Uy, is duly registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) of the Philippines.


  1. Hi, I really loved your journey and the stories you convey. Do you mind me asking a question?


  2. Jhai

    Hello po. I have this friends of mine from Thailand who are running a Travel blog platform. They are looking for Filipino bloggers to use their platform and write reviews. In return bloggers will get a benefit from using that platform such as recieving a token and free accommodation when you’d like to travel in Thailand. Is it okay po if I recommend you there? Kase I saw your blogs and your contents are amazing po. Salamat po ☺️. Looking forward to your response po. Have a good day ^^

  3. Been seeing a lot of your posts! Galing!

  4. Dela Cruz, Salvador Jr

    I was inspired by you and your adventure to pursue a life of travel. You’ve made a lot of progress. You were exploring hidden sanctuary’s and dangerous paths across the country, and now you’ve conquered international destinations as well. I’m excited to read more of your travels and stories.

  5. Larie Amimirog

    Evaluation of a Blog of an Island in Mindanao

    Samal Island: Travel guide to the Island Garden City

    The Island as he described was pretty in the sense that it has white beaches,
    beautiful scenery and abundant marine life. It was an island in Davao area and
    its beach is called Babusanta Beach. It does look pretty in the picture and
    most people love white sand beaches which makes it a great attraction for the
    tourists. I feel neutral about beaches, I have been to beaches before, doesn’t
    really pick my excitement. But in my experience, beaches are a good way to be
    away from city sometimes.

    The island has 70 caves. One of those caves houses a million bats, Geoffrey’s
    Rousette Fruit Bat to be exact. The blog says it is the biggest colony of
    fruit bats in the world. It was magnificent in the picture. I have seen a colony
    of bats before in my life, and I have seen a bat real close, it is amazing to
    see them from afar, dangling on a tree. Though seeing a bat real close, is a bit
    scary as I do not know the difference between a fruit bat and a blood sucking bat.

    The travel to Samal Island looks easy, I just don’t know if boats and ferries
    are abundant in the area. I have never been to Davao. And the cost that we have
    to pay to get there seems cheap, since it only takes airline cost and water
    travel cost and of course you must get to the specific airline first.

    According to the blog, the island has 30 commercial resorts. The 2 famous resort
    for tourist is the Pearl farm resort for high-end tourist and Paradise Island
    Resort for more affordable stay.

    There are plenty of activities to do once we get there, and these activities seems
    very nice for adventurous people. Most of the activities I think does cost money,
    so, it is better to be prepared when we get there or at least find a travel package
    to save money and time. It does sound appealing, but the times in this era you can
    never be sure when you need money to pay for emergencies.

    Summary, His travel blog does consist of everything you need to know if you are
    planning to take on a vacation there. He includes affordable places to stay and
    the vehicle needed to get there. He also enumerated the activities you could
    do there. And puts the most famous places to visit. Overall the travel guide is

  6. Lance Adam R. De Robles

    The information is very useful it help for the new time travelers to know the particular place and be informed of the estimated amount of cash we need to travel. Also telling some interesting facts and trivia about the place he is introducing.

  7. I love the beautiful nature . Its the place were people want to relax and enjoy. We will enjoy the amenities the places food and the different programs the the people will surely love and enjoy.

  8. Larie

    This is a very nice travel guide blog, it shows rare and unique travel spots in the Philippines,
    as well as other countries. The website showcases places with amazing aesthetics including natural
    and man-made structures, the blogger also states other places in the area to explore.
    Some places in the blog do motivate me to visit them at least once in my life.
    The different activities that you could do would seem fun if you have your families and friends to go with.
    The website is also full of guides on how or where to embark to start the journey, which is convenient.
    It also has recommendations of where to stay depending on the budget.
    The website also has tools to book hotels, tours, activities, and transportation, you don’t even need to find it separately on the internet which is also convenient. It is also amazing as it has garnered
    several awards through the years and is featured in several media and platforms.
    It is very easy to navigate on its homepage. The thumbnail he uses to depict each place truly piques interest.

  9. This blog is useful for tourist who are planning a trip to Balabac because it provides itineraries amd basic travel recommendations. This site goes into great detail when it comes to presenting information about the location.

  10. Nice to read your story, Still many destination that I need to explore in Philippines.

    I’ve been to bohol, boracay, hundred island, tagaytay and bagiou. Once the covid end I will try to visit and travel to Palawan island.

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