Slideshow: From Iloilo With Love!


Iloilo is Love!

Images from Iloilo City, Tigbauan and Miagao, Iloilo
(All images are taken using Lenovo Vibe Z)

Nelly's Garden
Dubbed as the queen of the city's heritage houses.
Casa Mariquit
The ancestral of prominent Lopez clan of Iloilo.
Madge Cafe
No need for a fancy couch, ambient lighting, senti music and wifi at Madge Cafe, Iloilo. Serving the best coffee in town! Prepared and served the traditional way 🙂
Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral
The National Shrine of Our Lady of the Candles or Jaro Catheral is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Jaro, Iloilo City.
Lizares Mansion
One of Iloilo's imposing landmarks, this beautiful mansion of the Lizares clan now serves as chapel of Angelicum School.
Eusebio Villanueva Building
The restored Eusebio Villanueva Building of Calle Real is proof that adaptive reuse is an effective way to preserve our heritage structures.
Molo Church
St. Anne Church of Molo is said to be a feminist chutch because all the 16 pillars inside have the images of women saints.
Mango and Chicken!
Grilled Chicken stuffed with Ripe Mango, one of specialty dishes of Injap Tower Hotel's Horizon Cafe.
Miagao Church
The beautiful Santo Tomas de Villanueva Church of Miagao is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Tigbauan Church
The walls of Tigbauan Church's interior are decorated with intricate mosaic art!
Tigbauan Church
Mosaic art of Tigabuan Church.

I only had a glimpse of Iloilo when my feet first touched its ground in 2008. It was a very short visit, only around 10 hours, while in transit from Cuyo to Manila. Short indeed but we made sure to make the most of it so we visited the city’s iconic churches as well as its famous restaurants.

It took me five years to return to the place… five long years! And I would not have the chance to return soon if not for Injap Tower Hotel‘s event. All thanks to Injap Tower Hotel because for the second time around, I got to experience not only the City of Love but the province as a whole and even the neighboring island of Guimaras. It was a deeper and more intimate love affair this time, a weekend of discoveries and rediscoveries… of the city’s old churches and heritage structures, culture and tradition, food and everything Ilonggo!

Iloilo is such a beauty! A truly wonderful place that doesn’t need the wonders of high-end cameras or the special tricks of Photoshop because its innate beauty naturally shows in whatever device we use to capture it.

So I came up with this slideshow featuring some captivating images of the province, all taken using my Lenovo Vibe Z. If there’s anything that this slideshow proves, it can be any of the two: that the place is just too beautiful or that my smartphone is just too good. Oh well, perhaps both! 🙂