Slideshow: Reminiscing Culion

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History and science cast a stigma to a small yet beautiful island of Culion in Palawan’s Calamianes Group of Islands. Being a former leper colony during the American Commonwealth of the Philippines, the town has been on a continuous struggle eversince.

But Culion holds the promise of a brighter tomorrow with its breathtaking natural wonders. Today, the town is slowly embracing tourism, capitalizing on its rich history, natural beauty and the variety of activities that await in the island.

I had an opportunity to visit Culion a few years back, a short yet memorable visit where I was able to understand the town’s past and had a glimpse of the island’s innate beauty. It was like a walk in a huge museum where I witnessed the remnants of its history and I felt the continuous struggle of the island from its unpleasant past. But I also saw the beautiful side Culion, the beauty radiated by the surrounding and by its people. Culion is simply magical!

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